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Was RCCG right to sack a pastor for remarrying?

(Note: The remarriage took place 2 years ago)

KAY says:

Whatever you like say. God is no respecter of persons. Those who see Christianity in the light of bread and butter should not force their beliefs on us. You either believe in God or believe in your selfish desires. Stop castigating a man of God who has made up his mind to serve Him whether it conveninent or not. We know men of God who claimed to have placed a curse on themselves if they ever commit fornication and they did and are still proud of such condemnable acts. People who have never stood for anything spiritual and sound but only political criticisms. They cannot separate Christianity from personal opinions that have been corrupted by their own desires. Baba Adeboye is my hero for standing for God even when people think otherwise. May God continue to strengthen you sir, as you stand for the truth which God Almighty has called you for. Pastors who want to divorce and remarry, let them go ahead. This is not the will of God.

Kunle Atolagbe says:

THE bottomline of the step taken by RCCG in the light of the Bible remains: Jesus is our perfect example and what He had to say about divorce in Matthew 19:9 was blunt. “And I say to you: whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another, commits adultery.” Following this injunction of Jesus, the RCCG overseer has done nothing wrong but exactly what Jesus Himself would do! People are too quick to become sentimental and rationalize how to interpret the Words of God: none of the writers knows the details about the pastor’s ex-wife. It is in the light of the above Bible passage that everyone needs to watch their actions before taking a plunge. Obviously, the pastor’s position as a mentor for upcoming ministers, non-Christians and church members, could serve as a wrong model. It’s his choice to re-marry and live with the consequences of his actions but perhaps he could have discussed this step with his overseer and other ministers before making the move so that he would be aware of what the consequences of his action could generate. If he is no longer a prominent minister, what is wrong with his becoming a church member or serving God in other capacities?

If the pastor’s church members engage in divorce battles, what will be his counsel to them in the light of the Bible? Can Pastor Ighodalo preach what God says about divorce or it will always be a dodged sermon because of his past record? God’s word is not the constitution of a country that always subjected to amendments because we are imperfect in the first place. Neither do I accept the action of the pastor’s first wife. Her action is a tool of the devil to tempt the pastor within and outside of the church. The few moment of separation of Eve from Adam led the whole world to where we were today. None of us is perfect but it should never be an excuse to rationalize or twist God’s word.

Ola says:

THIS is so simple, the word of God is clear…the pastor need not to be told of what the scriptures says… everyone has a good opinion but we should all remember, every product has its own manual and the manual of Christians is the Holy Scriptures. Therefore the manual which is an inspiration from the Holy Spirit has no acceptance for divorce. Ask yourself this? How sure are you that the pastor will not divorce the second wife? Know the answer? Jesus is Lord.

Ola, London says:

Baba, Please review this policy. It may be obsolete for this new age, as long as it was promulgated by people. Well, if it is enshrined in the doctrines of the RCCG, I think the pastor should abide by the rule, and if it was done in negligence or ignorance, both the pastor and his G.O. must genuinely be sorry and compromise a pardon. However, this case must be treated on moral ground rather than on religious one because, if trully this pastor is eventually demoted to a mere member of the church, then Baba G.O. and other leaders in the church must be expecting more bombshells which may embarrass the whole church. Why? Because I am 100 per cent sure that this is not the only pastor in the same shoe.

Some may not be known in Nigeria but many are living abroad who are scratching their heads now; should the pastor be eventually sacked. Sooner or later the EFCC outside RCCG will fish out such pastors to the detriment of the organisation. May I assert here, that if this policy or law was made by people of yesterday, I think it’s due for review. Remember law is made for man and man is not made for law. Before, some churches don’t watch TV but now they advertise on telly and even watch Mount Zion films on TV.
This means that we make certain laws due to certain circumstances and environment. Morally, I think the pastor is entitled to a second wife, unless we want him to be a hypocrite who will be travelling to Togo for prostitutes under the guise of evangelical tour. Hey, come to think of it, this pastor must have suffered in silence even since he became a pastor.
I will say, please let RCCG review the policy and let this man marry his second wife to enable him concentrate on his job. Afterall, his first wife was said to have remarried. So, what is he waiting for? I may be sound like a non-Christian, but lets call a spade a spade; this pastor has all his five senses working, and he is young and rich. He can never do the job sincerely if he remained unmarried.

Dear Sam, I would say yes because the church is a one man company. Pastor Ighodalo should move on. God is everywhere. He can as well form his own church and do what he knows best. Thanks.


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