By Dayo Adesulu
The President of Nigerian Association of Engineering Craftsmen (NAEC), Malam Yaryar Yakubu has called on Nigerian students, individuals and the Government to turn to alternative means of electric power supply in homes via installation of wind energy, solar energy and inverter power systems.

He made this known recently  in a seminar organised by the Nigerian Association of Engineering Craft men at Yaba College of Technology, Yaba  to sensitize the polytechnic students, technical students and apprentices on the need for technical vocation studies that will enhance individual and collective productivity in homes and the nation at large.

According to the seasoned engineer, the body was established in1993 with Act 110 in an act of parliament with the aim to educate people on the involving trend of science and technology as it affects our day to day living.

One of the challenges we are having in this country is the issue of electric power supply, he said, noting that the world over is trying to get a solution or an alternative power supply in their various countries, in anticipation of the fact that one day fossil fuel will finish.

Apart from this fear, it has the negative effects of air pollution, stressing that the usage of generating plant is not a good alternative to power supply as air pollution takes place in that process, thereby depleting the ozone layer which in turn have  a dangerous impact to our environment.

Citing  America and Europe as example of countries using alternative power supply, Engineer Yaryar said that America, uses wind turbine alone to generate well over 1,200Mwt, adding that it is a matter of looking for a wind farm where you know the intensity of the wind resides and mount the equipment there and it will generate enough light for our usage.

Tackling the cost effects of purchasing the equipment, Yaryar said, it is affordable to the government even to common man for individual use, noting that with less than thirty thousand naira, an individual can generate the power that will last him for twenty years.

According to him, the situation of alternative power supply is like when mobile phones came newly to Nigeria, where only the rich were privileged to own it, but as time goes on, when the demand increased, almost every Nigerians starts using it.

“ It was like that, because the demand increased the price fell.  In the same vein, when the demands of materials for alternative power increase, the cost of installation will fall,” he said.

The Engineer based his argument on the fact that the average Nigerians use small generator at home which they fuel with the average cost of N300 daily. If they could afford to fuel their generators with N300 on daily basis which will amount to N30,000 at the end of the month, they can also afford either wind turbine or solar source of power.

Yaryar lamented the situation in Nigeria where we are only looking for just 6000Mwt to generate power as most of the generating stations we have are not operating up to their capacity, when there are alternatives; such as wind energy via wind turbine and solar, stressing that the Almighty God is the owner and controller of these means of power which no individual, state or country can control or fight over.

Noting that, as long as the sun shines and the wind blows, you will get constant electric power. “Off course we have demonstrated it here for you to see today, he said”  That is why we are holding this seminar to sensitize people and government on this vocational study that can lead to youthful empowerment and add value to our standard of living in Nigeria

Speaking at the seminar, the president of NAEC said, with its membership of about six thousand that cuts across various disciplines such as engineers, technicians, polytechnics students, technical colleges amongst others the aim of sensitizing the public will be achieve in due time, stressing that over the years career talks have been impacted to students and vocational education as the bedrock of engineering practice is to carry out installation and maintenance of equipment.

“A person with vocational education is an individual with double sword functions advantages because he can fit into any system as you can see the participants of today’s seminar drawn from Abuja, Port-Harcourt , Calabar, Oyo and Lagos who in turn will go and impact the same knowledge to their colleague, he said.”

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