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Starcomms’ Ramadan rate slash excites phone users

CDMA operator, Starcomms has announced that its Ramadan promo which reduces calls for its subscribers to N1 per minute during the season, has excited many subscribers on its network.

The promo gives all Starcomms Subscribers using both mobile and fixed lines and those who purchase Starcomms phones during this Ramadan period with the exception of Telecenter operators on the Telemax tariff programme, the opportunity to pay only one naira  per minute for calls made within the network between the hours of 10.00 pm and 6.00 am.

What this means is that Subscribers will enjoy discounted on_net tariff rates during off _ peak hours for the duration of the promo.  The network said the promotion would be running for customers in all cities where there is Starcomms coverage for a period of one month.

Starcomms quoted one of its subscribers, Mr. Olajiire Omifare, who resides at Aboru in Lagos State as saying that “the promo is like no other I had ever seen. I can talk and talk and talk far into the night. But for me, that is not the only thing though, the reception is so clear, which makes the conversations even sweeter.”

Starcomms said that the Ramadan period is known for a lot of communal activities that require people getting in touch as of necessity and that with the one-naira-per-minute promo, young people can add fun to the rituals of Ramadan by establishing a Starcomms telephone tree among friends to wake one_another up for prayers and meals.

A phone tree is a group of people who reach out to convey a message in an organized way. Instead of one person 50 people, one person contacts contacting two other people, who then each contact two other people, and so on.

Each person has a ‘tree’, which is a diagram of who to contact, and their phone numbers. Within a short time, everybody is awake to the day’s activities.

Another starcomms subscriber, Kubrat Sani, from Benin, Edo State, said “in fact the Starcomms promotion has been valuable to me in this fasting period. Because my family has travelled abroad, I was finding it difficult to wake up to cook at dawn but I have a group of friends who have been calling me thanks to Starcomms N1 a minute promo in the nights. I receive as many as ten calls in some nights. This is so much that I would have no choice but to wake up. It is a very pleasant experience,”

Expressing his excitement, Starcomms’ Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Tushar Maheshwari, said that “this is the first time in the last four years that Starcomms is embarking on this kind of promotion. It is meant to make our teeming subscriber know that their preferred network cares for them this Ramadan period. We are the network that speaks their language. We know that the promotion will make them communicate more this season. ”


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