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Questionmark bids comeback

By Oluwaseyi Oluwabiyi
After a very long silence, one-time producer of some of Nigeria’s finests including Asa and Mode 9, Questionmark Entertainment, is trying to bounce back into mainstream music again, this time flying with two newly signed  acts D’Supremes and Harrisong.

 Harrisong and D=supremes
Harrisong and D=supremes

D=Supremes consists rapper of Tito Ejaife aka Lil Tee and vocalist Austin Akawa who together have been making music for over five years.

The duo have decided to release their first body of works before the year runs out and are already giving a foretaste of what they have to offer in the singles Ife and Sepe playing on the airwaves.

With producers Puffy T and Del B on their work team- producers known to have worked with the likes of Dr. Fresh, Omotola and Olu Maintain,  and mastering done by London based Ozie, the duo might have something worth waiting for.

Harrisong, on his part, is a dynamic multi-instrumentalist cum singer and he=s the other act now on the Questionmark bill. With 15 years experience as music director at the Church of God Mission, Benin, Harrisong is set to make a world debut.

Born Harrison Tare Okiri, the vocal trainer, song writer and producer, is already whetting appetites for more with Yekelem and Can I playing on radio. Armed with a 16-track album, the Afro Hip Hop/Jazz artiste seems ready to come on board mainstream music.

The successes of these artistes might be the ascertaining factor to whether Questionmark is back to stay or not as the world awaits the albums.


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