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Osaile defends $10,000 bonus to Eagles

Martin Osaile, the Don King of Nigeria ’s sports, remains a controversial figure.He called to disagree with all those condemning the payment of $10,000 victory bonus for a drawn match.

He was blunt: “People should not attack the players or anybody over this bonus. That is their national cake. Let them have it. Have those condemning it thought about the way the country is being run? Which other way will our sports men and women ever share in the national cake if such bonuses are not paid to them? I wish that other athletes will be so paid when they represent Nigeria .

The argument I hear is that it is wrong to pay winning bonus for a drawn match. They say Eagles did not win, that the national team has failed us and that they are not working.Good. But tell me what is working in Nigeria ? Is the National Assembly working? Is NEPA working? Is education working? Is health working? Are the roads working? Is EFCC working? They have all failed and they have continued to fail.

But you hear of billions still being pumped into these sectors. All these are not working but you read of billions of Naira being stolen or misappropriated everyday. The politicians are daily milking this country and when they pay our footballers $10,000 people are complaining. They are wrong.

They should stop complaining. Based on what is happening in Nigeria , nobody should even talk. Let them have their own share of national cake since they are not in a position to appropriate their own from public offices. Let athletics, basketball and boxing an


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