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I write to guide readers into the world of the spiritual – Ogunnro

McPhilips Nwachukwu, arts editor
Amanda Ogunnro,London trained trichologist is the Senior Pastor of Rivers of Living Water Ministries situated along Ikorodu Road, Maryland , Lagos State. The medical professional turned  pastor, apart from anchoring, Hour of Decision, one of the most sought after radio-evangelism programs at Eko FM 89.75 recently presented four outstanding religious literatures to the public.

The books; True Deliverance, Understanding the Secrets of Satanic Oppression, The Greatest Miracle and The Reality of Dreams in their own defining stylistic nuances address issues that bother at the metaphysical , which only religious fate can explain. Shortly after that unique presentation; Arts and Book Review went to hear from this astonishing woman of God, the story of her new religious calling: the writing call. She happily spoke to McPhilips Nwachukwu, arts editor.Do tell us about yourself?

Iam Amanda Ogunro, the senior pastor of Rivers of Living Water Ministries located at 540 Ikorodu Road, Maryland, Lagos.

What were you doing before going into Pastorial work?

By profession, I am a trichologist, I studied in England and worked in some hospitals for years before coming to Nigeria. When I came to Nigeria I had my private practice for some years at  93 Ojuelegba Road Surulere, Lagos. I practiced for 14 years before the Lord called me into the Ministry. And since I have been in the ministry, the Lord has been faithful and  a lot of things have been happening.

How has the calling affected your writing life?

I have been preaching, teaching and also into the deliverance and healing ministry. I also write a lot. And most of the time, if I am not too busy I spend my time especially in the night writing. The writing is just to help other people to know what goes on spiritually and physically, especially what goes on in the spirit realm through the power of the Holy spirit.

How many books have you written?

I have written four books. They are;  The Greatest Miracle, which my ministry circulated free of charge to all the prisons in Lagos for the salvation of their souls. The True Deliverance; Understanding the Secrets of Satanic Oppressions and The reality of Dreams. Understanding the secrets of Satanic oppressions was very necessary and the Lord put it in my heart that it is not just for me alone to know it but to help others especially those who have been going through satanic oppressions.

Reality of Dreams is one such book that helps you understand the implication of such horrifying dreams that you have, which do not take long to manifest in real physical ailments or torments. Think about somebody , who sees himself  experience motor accident in a dream and in short while after that dream, he experiences accident in real life. What does that tell you? Does it not show  you that there is a connection between the spiritual and the physical? That one of the realms of experience controls the other ? It is this kind of thinking, which only the Holy Spirit can explain and inspire that guide the kind of religious literatures that I offer to my readers.

How will you classify your style of writing?

My audience are people who really want to know the truth. Time of ignorance is past and  we are to be very sensitive about spiritual things and not just the physical . I am writing for those who want to know what life is all about. The things that go on in the spirit realm  are more than what we see physically with our physical eyes. So I am writing for the following reasons: To remove  ignorance, to educate  about spiritual things and to create awareness of spiritual things.

Has your writing any connection with your calling as a preacher of the word?

Yes, everything I write has to do with my teaching. As I said earlier , I am a teacher and preacher of the word. Often times the things I teach are things that are real and not fiction. It is not a story somebody has told me. It is what I see with my physical and spiritual eyes. And I have been involved with people’s problems and when I minister to them I also see things  in the spiritual realm. It is these kind of experiences that shape my own creative resource. It is also from this kind of experience that I wrote one of my books titled; True Deliverance.

You also anchor this Radio program; Hour of Decision. How does that program affect your writing style?

Definitely, what I write I also preach as well so that those who can not get the books will hear me. There are many people who are illiterates and there are some who don’t have time to read so I am trying to meet the needs of  both audience. So those who don’t have the time to read books listen to my spoken texts on Eko FM 89.75 every Sunday at6.30 pm and  those who don’t have the opportunity to read the books will have the opportunity to hear the word of God. What I am teaching and preaching is also what I have written in the books.

Many people seem to like that   Hour of Decision. what is the magic behind that?

While there is actually no magic behind that, it  is just that the people are hungry, they are hungry for the truth and for the word of God and they want the truth and they don’t want any adulterated message. I just go straight to the problems of the people and preach about them. For  example, eating in the dream, many people eat in the dreams but they don’t know that it is an attack .

It is a very terrible attack of the devil from the marine kingdom. I preach salvation as well. People thought that they have been saved because they confess Jesus as Lord and Personal savior but they don’t know that salvation can not come by the flesh, but only the spirit that is born again and not the flesh. So I talk about the in-depth study of salvation,  about the flesh and  let them know that it is not the flesh that is born again but the spirit.

And I also preach about deliverance proper, practical deliverance, self deliverance, mechanical deliverance. I go into details to tell them what they are expecting which they can’t get else where. When I preach on the air I preach people’s problems .The messages are special and  touch peoples lives and there have been testimonies to that.

Considering the time consuming nature of your work how do you find time to write?

I manage my time very well and like I said earlier on, I spend my night to write instead of sleeping. And what I cannot do during the day I do at night.

How do you market these books?

In the church we have a bookshop and we have a marketing manager. He is the one with some canvassers who go about marketing the books. Also, the books are in major bookshops in the country and people are buying them.


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