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Ezza/Ezillo war threatens 2011 elections in Ebonyi

By Dennis Agbo

ABAKALIKI—“If the arms and ammunition presently in the possession of the Ezza militants in the Ezza/Ezillo war front are not submitted to the Ebonyi government, the 2011 general elections in the state would obviously turn bloodier than has ever been recorded,” a soldier at the war zone has exclusively revealed to Vanguard.

The solider, who spoke to Vanguard on the condition of anonymity, said he was shocked that the state government was not doing enough to make the Ezza militants surrender their arms, which he noted were more sophisticated than what themselves, the soldiers, use in the war turn-community.

He said that the militants still occupy the bush while the soldiers control the Enugu-Abakaliki highway and that the militants most often, make sudden appearances at the highway to either block the road for robberies, especially at nights, or to look for Ezillo escapees. “Most nights, they will be shooting but when we try to get close to them, they will disappear into the bush,” said the soldiers.

Further he said,  “we learnt that their sponsors are among top government functionaries in Abakaliki and other politicians outside the state. At least, the Governor should be aware of this, after all they held him hostage for hours the other day along this road until we were able to shoot and put those militants back into the bush.

“The arms they have is more than what we have here and that is why I am afraid of what will happen in 2011general elections in the state,  if the state government does not recover the arms from those Ezza people, especially now that they said there is a ceasefire agreement,” he added.


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