September 1, 2009

Anambra: 100 secondary schools to benefit from Microsoft IT Academy

By Emeka Aginam, Asst. Online Editor
In  a committed effort to empower its citizens, especially educational institutions with IT tools and knowledge, the Anambra State government is partnering with the software giant , Microsoft  on IT education termed  Microsoft IT academy  aimed  to enable institutions to offer a world_class curriculum to help students utilise the latest Microsoft technologies while learning about information technology and earning Microsoft technology certifications.



The programme also links academic learning to real world job skills, thus allowing students to graduate with the IT skills that they would  need to advance in their future careers with minimal adjustment in the working world.

The Anambra State Governor, Mr Peter Obi who disclosed this re cently to Anambra Journalist’s Forum (AJF) shortly a facility tour of the state noted that very soon, the Anambra state will turn into a 21st century knowledge economy with a pool of students who will graduate with very best in software incubators.

According to Obi who has been preaching capacity building, each school under the scheme  will  get 50 PCs  which has  not fully commenced.

“ We have a very real need to transfer relevant skills to our future workforce. It is for this reason that technology is playing such a crucial role in this ever_changing landscape   The essence of IT education to these student is for the challenges ahead. With Microsoft IT academy, these students should be able to challenge theirs peers in the international job market.

My administration will continue to encourage these students. That is the only way they can face the challenge of 21st century knowledge society. Anything short of this will result to half backed education” Obi who is very passionate about capacity building said, adding that Nigerian ca produce the best brain in software development if enabling environment is created for these students, who he said are the leaders of tomorrow.

Meanwhile, just six months after announcing that Nigeria has produced its youngest ever Microsoft Certified Professionals, Microsoft Nigeria and its newest Certified Partner for Learning Solutions (CPLS), Karrox Nigeria, today announced that six more secondary schools have been certified as Microsoft IT Academies.

With 287 academies, Nigeria now has the most IT Academies within the Middle East and Africa region and is ranked amongst the top 10 countries in the world in adopting the Microsoft IT Academy Programme.

According to Ken Spann, Developer Platform Manager for Microsoft Nigeria, in today’s economy where cost savings is a priority, “The Microsoft IT Academy programme offers an affordable solution to deliver high quality ICT education created just for schools.

The programme includes curricula that can be used in the classroom or to supplement students’ individual learning needs,” he said.
Karrox Nigeria will be responsible for the overall management the 6 new IT Academies. The organization will work closely with Microsoft to ensure that these Academies are ready and operational by ensuring that all hardware and software requirements are met and that the schools’ teachers are fully ICT trained.

It would be recalled that on n resumption of office, Obi had  quickly embarked on massive road construction in an organized and strategic manner, executing in three years a total of 350kms of asphalted roads out of the over 658kms awarded, the highest by any previous Governor in the State. At the same time, unlike under any other previous Governor, other sectors are receiving attention in accordance with ANIDS.What has distinguished him from some other Governors , according ti industry observers is his sense of justice and fairness in taking development to every part of the State.

He is, for example, the first Governor that has started the construction of a road in Anambra West Local Government Area — Umueze Anam-Mmiata Road.

As a result of his passion for capacity building, Obi  has got Onitsha General Hospital and other health institutions in the State accredited by relevant bodies; he has, in three years, completed the first phase of the imposing State Secretariat and has started the second phase; he has started the massive physical development of the State university, and other educational institutions at all levels; he has brought peace and security to the State as testified by security agencies.

He has reinvigorated commerce and industry in the State, such that the Central Bank, the Standard Organizations of Nigeria, Corporate Affairs Commission, the Stock Exchange and other organizations are opening shop in the State. Even the International Agencies are finding the State attractive again