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Anabel Mobile CEO named foot soldier for re-branding Nigeria initiative

For been in the forefront in the re-branding Nigeria initiative, the Hon Minister of Information and Communications Prof. Dora Akunyli has named the CEO of Anabel Mobile Mr. Nicholas Okoye as a foot soldier in the effort to redefine the Global perception o

Anabel boss
Anabel boss

f the Nigerian Business environment which is a major pillar of the Federal Government’s re-Branding initiative.

Nicholas was decorated with the re-branding Nigeria regalia, tee-shirt and face cap in a brief ceremony recently at the Federal Ministry of Information and Communication head quarters “Radio House”. The Minister during the award ceremony stated that the Anabel Boss is making Nigeria proud by blazing the trail of innovation in mobile communications, mobile entertainment and mobile business with Anabel’s range of sophisticated mobile devices which are all designed and developed with Nigerian technicians and intellect, with a commitment to shift manufacturing to Nigeria in the not too distant future. According to the Hon Minister.

“The work that Anabel is doing is demonstrating to the World what our Re-Branding initiative is all about, we want many more role models, like Anabel, all across Nigeria so that the outside World will see the potentials of Our young people and truly understand why we say Nigeria is ‘GOOD PEOPLE GREAT NATION’. It is obvious that if we can inspire more Nigerians like Nicholas to venture into fields of international business endeavors we will have succeeded in the effort to rebrand Nigeria”, she said.

The Honorable Minister further stated that the re-branding effort started with the identification of well established achievers such as Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe, and Philip Emewangeli. However the campaign will now go into show casing the Corporations in Nigeria that are truly Nigerian and are doing great things on the Global scale that make Nigeria proud.

It would recalled that Anabel Mobile has been identified as one of the trail blazers in this direction having launched the first Nigerian mobile phone and first Nigerian hand held computer or Smart phone that runs on windows mobile operating system by Microsoft.

Anabel presently produces professional series smart phones which are indeed hand held computers, they also produce “digital media devices” which can play video, music, FM Radio as well as its ability to record voice and other sounds.

It also has a yet to be released dual sim internet phone called “Effizzy” which has dual sim and dual standby allowing a user to switch between networks while on a voice call.


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