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49 Independence Anniversary : Nigeria needs special prayers — Adeboye


Excerpts from the message delivered by the general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, at September 4, 2009 Holy Ghost Service on the need to fast and pray for Nigeria

AS many of you know,Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboyet is a very important day in Nigeria, Independence Day.  I want to call on all of you to fast and pray for Nigeria.

The prayer and fasting will be in two categories; seven days single, that is, you will break by 6 p.m., beginning from September 28th to 4th October 2009.  Seven is a number of perfection.

Beginning from September 29 – 3 October, I want those who are spiritually mature to fast continually, five days and five nights. If you are going to do the five days, then don’t bother about the seven days. Take note of how you are going to pray: Before October 1st, you will just be thanking God, for all the troubles the Lord has taken us through, keep on thanking God.

On October 1st, we will all beg God for forgiveness, either as a result of religious crises, Niger Delta, whatever, we will ask God for mercy, forgiveness, for every evil that has been done in Nigeria. After October 1st, we will then  call on God to arise and scatter the enemies of Nigeria: enemies within, enemies without, enemies known and unknown, that the Almighty God  should arise and fight for this nation.

Now, lift your hand to the almighty God and just bless Him. The Lord will bless you, He will keep you, He will fight for you, He will stand by you, He will let your joy to over flow.

You will never forget tonight for good, even as the sun rises tomorrow, your miracle will begin, you will never lack again, you will never be barren again, you will never have any cause to weep again, you will never have fruitless effort again. God will take you higher day by day,  God will accept your offering, and you will never lack again, you will never borrow again, so shall it be and in the Kingdom of God, you will not be found wanting, in Jesus name.”

God is interested in Nigeria, says Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor,
National President, PFN


THE national president of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, acknowledged that there are certain challenges that will naturally paint a picture of a possible disintegration, but refused to agree that Nigeria will go under as people would want us to believe. His argument is simple: God is interested in the numerical strength of the nation.

“No! I don’t agree that Nigeria will be a failed state. It will not disintegrate as people are currently prophesying. There are challenges no doubt, but, as a man of God, I can tell that God will soon pull down certain personalities and certain structures for the nation to stay afloat. I am very optimistic about that and I can tell you emphatically that Nigeria will survive despite the current challenges. “People are praying all over the country and you will soon see that some people will have to give way for Nigeria to make it,” he said, adding: “The challenges are real but even with the challenges Nigeria will still wax stronger.

The reason I can talk to you like this is because there is God. God is still God and He is interested in the huge population of praying people in this country. He cannot abandon such a massive population of people who are daily offering intercessory prayers to Him on behalf of the nation.”

Oritsejafor warned politicians to beware because very soon God will visit His anger on those who refuse to lead righteously, stressing that Christian leaders all over the country are being mobilised to fast and pray on September 30 to herald the beginning of the Jubilee celebration.

“Though the jubilee year is next year, the countdown actually begins from October 1 and we are organising a national fasting and prayer for national repentance. October 1 represents the beginning of our jubilee year and we are calling on the maker of heaven and earth to intervene in the affairs of the nation and I can assure you that those who have to die for Nigeria to survive will be removed,” he said.

He therefore enjoined all leaders at every level of leadership to wake up to their own responsibilities because, according to him, what makes for good leaders is when people placed in leadership positions see themselves as servants of the people.

“They must wake up to their responsibilities because a leader only when the power bestowed upon him is used to better the lot of the people under him,” Oritsejafor pointed out before adding the clincher; “Nigeria will exist but it will have to exist without certain personalities unfortunately.”

He maintained that there are many people in places of authority today in the country who are not supposed to be where they are, and unless they repent, they are likely to be the first casualties of God’s cleansing process.

“Nigeria will survive, I have no doubt about that. What is in doubt is that who and who among the leadership will be around to savour the benefits of the new Nigeria that will emerge after the healing process,” he said.

Nigeria may not make it as a nation — Rev. Yakubu Pam, CAN chairman (North Central)
Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, (North Central), Rev. Yakubu Pam, said those who have predicted that Nigeria would soon disintegrate are no too far away from the truth because the indices are already manifesting. “Take a close look at the nation’s infrastructural decay – —health sector or is the educational sector? Where is power? You are bound to come to only one conclusion and that is that the nation known as Nigeria is a failed state, but, as a man of God, I have faith in the ability of my maker to rescue this country,” he told Sunday Vanguard on phone from his Jos base.

Pam added that the incessant religious crises in the North had given every concerned Nigerian the needed signal of an impending division in the present structure, stressing however that the onus is on the present crop of leaders to salvage the nation. “Most nations of the world have had their own fair share of teething developmental problems but the ability of their leaders to manage such crises to the advantage of their citizens is what has turned them to economic giants today.

“The major problem we have in this country today is that of education. Look at the state of our education. While other nations deliberately made efforts to educate their citizenry, our leaders have not shown sufficient concern for the education of our future leaders. That is why I believe that we may not make it as a nation.

“Nigeria is perceived as the foremost black nation of the world but the challenge we have is that of leadership. You know that Nigerians are the best followers you can get any where in the world. If you will recall, during the days of Buhari/Idiagbon, Nigerians dutifully followed them but as soon as the order changed, Nigerians also changed.

“The problem we have is that of leadership. Look at the Boko Haram thing. Why is somebody advocating that we should refrain from Western education, even when we have all come to the conclusion that a nation is dead without education?”, he added.

He, however, said that there is hope for the nation because, according to him, several thousands of people are praying daily across the nation for its survival and God in His infinite mercy will honour their prayers according to His promise in II Chronicles 7:14.

There is disconnect between  the leadership and the people —Hon. Ubani Eziuche Chinwe (PDP/Abia)

There is no basis for me to comment on     whether Nigeria will break up or not. Because no one has given the parameters that will make me make a rational conclusion on that. But on the dreams of our founding fathers being deferred. I would say  that it is true.

We lack leadership. At the moment no one living in Nigeria can say we have attained the vision of our founding fathers. There is disconnect between the leadership and the people. A nation is built by people. If we must attain the dreams of our founding fathers, we must have leaders who can make sacrifice and lead the people to also make sacrifices, be it during natural disasters, during war and general hard times.

But, look here, we have challenges that have been with us for twenty, thirty-five years and they still look so insurmountable. We have gone through a civil war, yes! But that is not our challenge today. Look at our infrastructure, security, jobs, power and so on.

Issues of corruption, job security have been with us for decades. We  have issue of an economy that is not growing, we have issues on almost everything.

There are countries that have had their problems, but they solved that of power, because it is a principal necessity for everything developmental.

If the present generation of Nigerian leadership feels that the problems I have mentioned are of utmost necccesity to attain the dreams of our founding fathers, then they most approach it with determination that Winston Churchill led Britain to defeat Germany in the Second-Wold War.

But in the moment, I don’t see that in the attitude of so many leaders of this moment. I don’t see that in their passion. I don’t see that in the way they talk; in the way they think and in the way they carry themselves.


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