By Emmanuel Aziken, Abuja

A NON denomiatioal Christian group, Christian Leadership Forum (CLF) has commenced a mobilization drive to install a God-fearing leadership in the country come 2011. The group which claimed at the weekend to have started prayer meetings for the purpose of “sanitizing the spiritual environment” affirmed that Nigeria could not develop its political and economic agenda until the leadership was cleansed of its pollution.

The national co-ordinator of the Forum, Evangelist Okechukwu Uchechi, in a statement pointed out that corruption at all levels as one of the major impediments to the nation’s economic and political growth. Affirming that corruption was a deadly sin against man and God, the group in the statement, urged all individuals to support the initiative of the group by going to God in prayers for the purpose of pulling the nation back from its troubles.

While enjoining all Nigerians to ensure that only those who have the genuine interest of the people and have a reverence for God were elected into political offices, he said: “God has blessed this country with abundant natural and human resources but Nigerians have been suffering because we have not entrenched God-fearing leadership at all levels in the country. We need God-fearing leaders with the interest of the people at heart. So, it is our mission that in the shortest possible period, elections must be won by God-fearing and righteous leaders who will deliver good governance to the people.”

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