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Without dream of the future, life is meaningless

By Folake Aina
I want us to be clear about so many things today. You all know that I believe strongly in the fact that every woman should be given to prayer. But the truth is that there is a place for prayer, and there is a part for you to play. You can be delivered and strengthened, but if you do not have a dream you really have no life. When you dream, you have something to look forward to, and life begins to have meaning.

Every one must have at least one dream, and no matter what, you must hold on to your dream. It is your dream that gives you motivation to keep on living. Things might look difficult, even conspiracy can come from the least expected quarters, but if you just refuse to let go of your dream, you will get there.

Can I tell you something that would inspire you today? It is never too late to start dreaming. Never too late to dream. You are not too young or too old to dream. If by now you do not have a dream, get one. It is as easy as that, and really, if you must dream, dream big. If you can see it, you can be it. If you can dream it, you can get there.

Many times we get disappointed in life, or things just refuse to go the way we want it. You need to realize that its all part of the process. Your disappointment is not your destination. Many of the disappointments we have in life almost all the time turns around to be a blessing. You definitely need a dream. Your dream is something that you can hold on to.

It is that thing that you look forward . It is that thing that you are living for. Your dream is that thing that you are also prepared to die for. I really do not think that anyone can have a meaningful life without a dream.

Many people would have many dreams and the fulfillment of more than one dream in their life time. You must keep on dreaming. Once you dream a dream, and that dream comes to pass, you move on to the next level and dream another dream.

Too many people allow their dreams to die just because of challenges they face along the way. Listen to me, and read me clearly. No great dream comes to pass unchallenged. Never forget that. Your dreams would be challenged. You must always be ready to fight for your dream. It is worth the fight.

You really must be careful as to who you share your dreams with. If you make the mistake of sharing your dream with the wrong people, they just might try to kill that dream, or they might succeed in killing it. No-one dreamed that dream with you, so it is likely that no one would understand your dream. You must not be discouraged when others try to kill your dream.

On the other hand, It is also possible for people to understand your dream but still challenge it because they cannot understand why it is you that had to have the dream. So, they put you down and try to crush you. Many hate you for who you are or for who they know you will become. Many understand your dream but they think it is too farfetched .

They just cannot imagine you dreaming such big dreams. They just cannot stand the greatness in you. Never mind. Just do not give up you dream. There are still those who understand the dream, they know it can happen, but they feel it will affect their own dreams.

So they will try to put you down, and they will try to kill your dream. They know you are a high flyer and they will try to pull you down. It is true of life that many people are destroyed by the people who feel threatened by their dream.

At this point I would like to warn everyone. If you cannot help someone in achieving his/her dream don’t kill it. If you cannot encourage them, don’t discourage them. You must never be threatened by someone else’s dream. He dreamed his/her dream.

Dream yours. There is no limit on how big your dream can be. Leave everyone to dream their own dream. You go ahead and dream your own dream and protect your own dream. If you really want to succeed, you must help others fulfill their dreams.

But you see, you must be mindful not to destroy your dreams as you help others achieve theirs. Even in marriage, you must make sure that you are both dreaming the same dreams or at least both of you understand each others dreams. It is so important that one party is not trying to kill the others dream. There must not be division.

Someone said that the richest place in the world is the graveyard. Many die without fulfilling their destinies and attaining their dreams. There are many who die with all their potentials.

You must not allow your dreams to die, and you must not die without your dreams manifesting. Just hold on to your dreams and put them in God’s hands. No matter what it looks like, if you can just hold on, not giving up that dream will come to pass.


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