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Will you stick out your neck for him/her? (3)

By Chiom Gabriel

To what extent would you defend the one you love and protect him or her? Would you fight for his love or would you join those maligning him/her? Would you share in his shame,his low moments or would you look the other way and leave him to face it?

In this edition, our contributor Nelson shares his love story with our readers .
She was a whore but I loved her and kept her, Nelson, 35
I knew from the first time I met Edwina that she was not telling me everything but I was bent on finding out who she really was and when I did, it was not something to write home about. Edwina told me she was a 200 level student at Lagos State University and lived at Iba Estate when I met her. I asked what I thought were the necessary questions and felt convinced that she was a Micro-Biology student like she told me. It took me about three years to find out the truth.

At the time Edwina was supposed to graduate,  she  did not  and when I asked her, she said she went on probation for one year and that delayed her. The probation was supposed to be due to her poor academic performance in which case, she should have registered for another course after but she didn’t. Edwina kept coming up with one reason or the other for her long stay in the university. Besides, the occasional  lecturers strike,mycalculations revealed she must have been in the university for about six years and yet had not completed her course of study.

I became worried about her and decided to help her out in the any I could because I came to the realisation that I really loved her. I got my younger sister who studied the Sciences to help her but after one week, my sister came to me to say she didn’t believe my girl was an undergraduate because she knew nothing about elementary sciences not to talk of Micro-Biology. I told her to give her more time and after three weeks, my sister sounded more convinced in her belief that Edwina could  not have completed secondary school. I was baffled by my sister’s position because Edwina’s spoken English was rich. It got to the stage that Edwina lost interest in being coached by my sister. She complained my sister was harsh and asked her questions like a secondary school examiner. I realised that a monstrous enemity was developing between my sister and  my girl. None of them had anything good to say about the other and to avoid being caught in the middle, I stopped Edwina from taking further lessons from my sister.

Apart from the many questions about her academic situation, Edwina appeared to be a nice girl. She was a very good cook and was wonderful in bed. Her character seemed okay to me and I decided to have her for keeps. The only area I needed to sort out was her academics. I also took cognisance of the fact that lecturers could set traps for a beautiful girl which could be responsible for the delay in her graduation.

One Saturday afternoon, my peeps came around and one of them said he was going to LASU to see a new girlfriend in the Faculty of Sciences. The new girlfriend turned out to be a 400 level Micro-Biology student and I jumped at the opportunity to meet someone that could be of help to Edwina. But to my greatest shock, the girlfriend  didn’t know any Edwina but pointed out to me that there were many imposters in the universities who deceived their parents and loved ones into believing they were students.

Eventually, we took this matter to the department level but there was no name like hers. We checked other faculties. It took me over a month to uncover Edwina.
She told me on a public holiday that she had lectures fixed by one of the lecturers and so, I offered to drive her to the lectures. But I returned soon after and saw Edwina hanging out alone. I approached my guy’s girlfriend and pointed her out as the student we were searching for but the girl laughed and asked me if I don’t know her, that she was a whore. I almost slapped her for saying that and before I knew it, I saw a big car stopped by and picked her. I ran as fast as my steps could carry me to stand in the middle of the road to stop the car. The guy driving came out and asked if I was mad but I told him he had my woman in his car and that I wanted her to come down. I ran to Edwina’s side but she kept a straight face, as if I dropped from the moon, as if she had never seen me. I was in tears pleading with her to come down but the guy drove off, calling me a stupid man for fighting over an ‘ashawo’.

I didn’t believe him still and I hoped Edwina would at least come to my house to pick her stuff but when she didn’t come after two weeks, I followed the direction she gave me initially to her brother’s place but discovered he knew nothing about her whereabout. I told him some of the things I found out but he said he wasn’t the one paying her school fees and wasn’t sure she was in school. He told me it would be a miracle  if  truly Edwina was an undergraduate because she dropped out of school in SS2 and nobody knew her whereabouts.
But Edwina miscalculated. She must have been watching me because she came to my apartment in my absence to take her stuff and that was where I met her that day I visited her brother.

She threw herself down and wept like a baby while she begged for forgiveness saying she didn’t know how to tell me. She told me she went to the university hoping she would break through but did not succeed after many years. She said there are a lot of girls like her who parade themselves as undergraduates but are not.Some are into prostitution and all kinds of things but they always use the universities as their base.
I didn’t sack her. We are still together and she sat for the last JAMB. By the grace of God, she will make it this year.


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