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What oils your relationship, sex or money?

By Bridget Amaraegbu  (

Which would you choose first in the order of importance in a relationship, money or sex? This week, our roving correspondent, Bridget Amaraegbu, has all the answers as usual.

Sex is it — Scott Robert, Actor

From my heart, I choose sex, and I’ll tell you why. A man can have all the money in the world but can’t keep a relationship because he cannot satisfy his woman’s sexual needs. Sex which climaxes into lovemaking is sacred, and no amount of money can be compared to it. There are some women who will even prefer to use your money to derive sexual satisfaction elsewhere if you’re not capable.

Imagine the pain a man will feel if his wife is involved in extra-marital affairs just for mere sexual satisfaction. Most couples  have split because their sexual needs were not met.

Take time to read through  several divorce suits published on the pages of newspapers and what you’ll find are irreconcilable differences. What do you think is that difference that cannot be reconciled? In case you don’t know, it is sex. Many marriages will survive, no matter how tough it gets, if couples still derive sexual satisfaction.
Unless you are talking about commercial sex trade, which I wouldn’t want to be involved with. For people in that kind of business, their slogan remains money for hand, back for ground. So, the earlier our men understand that slogan, the better for them.

•Scott Robert
•Scott Robert

But for a relationship I’ll call my own, I don’t see money as a threat at all because if I’m broke, it will be for a while. The fact that I don’t have money for a while does not make me a poor man. Of course, in due  time, the money will surely come.

I know you’ll ask me how I intend to cater for my sweetheart when there’s no money in my pocket. If I have a sincere relationship, I’ll do anything within my reach to help when my partner is in need. For example, if she falls sick and there’s no other way to pay her hospital bill because I don’t have money at the moment, I can ask for your assistance, or won’t you assist me? Though I don’t know you, I can take the risk of asking for my enemy’s assistance if that’s the only way to get her back on her feet again.

God has a way of blessing you with money, even when you’re not expecting it. So, people should stop making money a major priority in life. Once you allow money to become the major headache in your relationship, you’ll not be able to enjoy sex the way it should be. And it will surprise you to know that even when the money comes, you’ll still not enjoy sex because you didn’t pay attention to it from the beginning. There’s a popular saying that you don’t begin to learn certain things at old age, and I think sex is one of those things you don’t want to start learning when you’re 50 years old.

Sex is one thing our people do not take seriously but I want to advise my fellow young people both male and female to have a rethink about this issue.
Sincerely 75 percent of broken homes would have survived if they enjoyed their sexual  lives.  I don’t also envy those young people who shy away from issues related to sex. I think it’s an issue that should be given some priority. It should not always be about chasing money. As much as I agree that it’s right to chase money, it’s also good to relax your muscles and have fun.

Let’s all try to put money where it belongs and give enough attention to issues related to sex.

Sex is the engine oil — Empress Njamah, Actresss

Sex is the lubricant  that keeps a relationship going. Any relationship with a healthy sexual satisfaction will hardly die. I mean, there should be this feeling and urge in you anytime  when you’re going to see your man, if he’s sexually credible. It also applies to the men.

What do you think most married men and women are looking for outside their marital homes? My dear, they’re all seeking for sexual satisfaction. I mean, most of them are sexually starved. If not, they’ll stick to their legal partners, after all, they are also aware of dangers involved in the game. But they prefer to take that risk because they want to enjoy themselves.

Come on girl, sex is the main issue here-guaranteed sexual satisfaction, correct relationship. Money can always come later.

Money power is best — Stephen Ojo, Civil servant

I think it’s money that can keeps a relationship going. When there is money in a man’s pocket, he has confidence to stay around any class of woman he wishes. I’ll give you a vivid example with myself. As I speak to you, I have three girlfriends who have been calling my phone numbers for some days now. But I’ve refused to attend to them because I don’t have the purchasing power ‘Money’.

They do not know I’m avoiding them because I don’t have the money. Some people will say money is not everything which I also agree with but it will be difficult for a woman to visit me and I can’t even pay for her transport fare. Money is the oil that lubricates a relationship.

No money, no love —  Dupe Johnson, Stylist

Money…oh! Ah! how do you intend to keep any relationship without money? So, as you fine reach, if man say make you open your leg without money, you go open? It’s true that real love exists but without money that love may be heading for a crash because time will come when both of them will need money to do so many things. If the man needs to cut his hair for example, the woman’s love can’t pay for his hair cut, neither can his love pay for hers.
So, both the man and woman needs money to be happy in their relationship, especially in this period of economic crisis when things are just too expensive. Don’t forget that money makes the world go round.

Sex plus money equals to love — Omawumi, Musician

Relationship is all about friendship. Both sex and money are tied to friendship. So, I believe they both go together.
For a marriage relationship, sex and money are key ingredients that keep it going. They just can’t do without each another. They have to be there if the marriage must be successful. I don’t agree that any of them should be superior to the other when it comes to marriage relationship.  So, gather the money and at the same time, have fun.

Money is good but…  — Uzoma Ugwumba, Civil servant

Sex will survive a relationship much more than money can. I agree that money can help people in a relationship get so many material things but sex has a way of reaching out to the heart, much more than money can. You can have all the money and the woman will still not love you if you can’t meet her sexual obligations. So, guys go and learn how to satisfy the sexual needs of your woman and she’ll love you for life.


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