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Visafone launches call hunting service

VISAFONE, at the weekend said that in its desire to improve the quality of customer care service of its clients, it has launched the Visafone call hunting service.

The call haunting service, according to the company was designed for businesses which seek better customer care experience for its clients.
It is especially targeted at corporate organizations, small and medium sized Enterprises, non-governmental non-profit making   organizations, among others
The product functions through the linking of up to ten numbers to a call group with one pilot which serves as an umbrella number, to be the advertised. This is a welcome substitute for the series of numbers usually publicized on business cards, flyers, posters, television adverts and radio jingles.

Explaining the product, Visafone officials noted that “when a call is made, it is automatically routed to a free line within the group, saving the customer the time of trying several numbers and the chance of forming an unpleasant opinion of the company’s customer care if it takes many trials to get through or if calls are missed. This also presents the organization as very efficient.

With a pilot number which may be in the gold (special) number category, the product supports calls in a linear order by connecting in a definite sequence such that when a number is busy, the call is automatically routed to the next in the group.

The circular order, which is another option, operates through the connection of calls to numbers which have previously not received calls until every number in the group has been connected to a call.

This option proposes a call circle whereby every telephone in the group receives a call and not necessarily the first available ones. The pilot number may be an easy to remember one such that clients and customers easily retain the access numbers to the organizations”.

Visafone also explained that the call hunting service is aimed at giving small, growing and large organizations, the opportunity for an effectively managed call and customer service unit while attending to several customers at the same time and totally eliminating the chances of failed or missed calls.


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