By Alade Aromashodu
Members of the Academic Staff of the Nigeria French Language Village had petitioned the governing Council of the institution on mismanagement and the alleged sorry state of affairs in the institution.

According to a submission available to us, entitled: Before the beginning of the end: SOS Call for Redress and Salvation of the Nigeria French Language Village,” the lecturers accused the management of inconsistency of policies saying “they saw themselves as being appointed solely to see and hear the management only.”

They said: “When it suits management they talk of Conditions of Service in the universities but when policies are for the good of staff, they talk of civil service regulations.”

Reiterated further that “When matters affect management, they do not wait for Council or even government circular before implementation, but when it affects staff, even when there is a circular backing Federal Government policy, management implements when it pleases.

On the issue of status of the Nigeria French Language Village, the lecturer said that “the institution stands as the boldest symbol of international and inter-state cooperation within the Nigerian education set up; it remains the only academic establishment in Nigeria where French is not only exclusively learnt, written and actively spoken.

They said: “the Village was established as an inter-university centre to cater for the Linguist6ic Immersion Programme (LIP) for Nigerian French undergraduates.

In the document signed by 32 of 35 members of the Academic Staff of the French Village, the lecturers accused the management of ‘mismanagement and lack of transparency in the village affairs’ especially on the issue of contracts adding that news of inflation of contracts and the practice of taking uproot is rampant; hence figures allegedly attached to contracts are mind-bogging prompting any reasonable person to ask questions.

The lecturers also complained on the drop in enrolment and recflea; they said “enrolment is dropping drastically to the profit of other centres like the village, which are in Benin Republic and Togo.

On career progression, they asked the management to adhere strictly to recruitment and promotion in the conditions of service.

When contacted the Director-General of the institution, Prof. Samuel Aje on the allegations, he declined to comment saying the governing council is already looking into the matter.

Arising from an emergency meeting, a member of the governing council, Prince Ulysses Kalu confirmed that the council is already looking into the matter.

Said he: “We have convened this emergency meeting to address the issues. We are looking into all they have said. We have also received the reply of the Director General to their demands.

“We hope at appropriate time, we will make our findings known. We have already had the first meeting in Abuja.”
“We will make known our findings later. We will like to do a thorough job so that we can arrive at a satisfactory solution so that we can restore normalcy and the government, the stakeholders will all be satisfied.”

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