By Folake Aina
That  you are reading this, tells me one thing. That is the fact that you are alive. Any one who is alive definitely has a future to look forward to. It is so important in life to plan and to prepare fore the future. We all know that tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

But you see, it would be a disaster to think  maybe that tomorrow will not come and then  get to that tomorrow, that we do not see today, and you are not prepared for it. What even gives you the liberty to think that tomorrow may never come.

You must plan for tomorrow. You must plan for your future. Failure to plan is planning to fail.

In planning and preparing for your future, I want to tell you that no matter what religion you practice, no matter what denomination you belong to, you must fear God. If all you do, say and think is backed up by the fear of God, you just cannot fail.

You must serve God  with sincerity. It is difficult for instance to do evil if you fear God. It is so difficult to operate wickedness if you fear God. You cannot but operate with integrity if you fear God. And remember how I have always emphasized the fact that our seeds determine our harvest. What you sow, you definitely will reap. life is about choices.

We all are the sum total of the choices we make. Life sets before you everyday, a series of choices you can make that can influence your life. It makes sense to make the right choices.

The question for you today is in spite of all the options that life offers you, what choices are you going to make. Everyone has freedom of choice. You are free to choose.

With that background, we all must realize that every choice in life has its own consequences. What you are now is the consequence of certain choices  and certain decisions that you made in the past. Many wonder why they are ging through stress and challenges.

You must rewind. Go back and see what might be responsible from your past that has brought you to this place of difficulties and crises. Guess what? Sometimes, you might have to dig beyond you  to understand the origin of the predicament that you face today. Hear me, and hear me well.

What I am sharing with you is very deep. Many do not understand it, and so they condemn it and criticize it.  Many are struggling with issues that originated from their parents and grandparents, and even down to their forefathers. I know we are in the dispensation of grace.

But still, it is about seed time and harvest time. You might want to ask questions and do a little research as to what our forefathers did and who they were. Some of the answers might help you to know the right prayer point that will solve the problems you are battling with right  now.

On that note I would like to warn everyone to be mindful of the seeds they are sowing right now. You want to leave a good inheritance for your children and grand children and even generations further down the line. This is deep, this is spiritual, and this is wisdom .

Someone told me a real life story that I would like to share with you. There was this family of six children, and one by one they began to die on their fortieth birthday. When the third child died on his fortieth birthday the same way the other two had died, the rest began to ask questions.

They went to the village and a very old woman who knew the family very well told them the story of how their great   grand father  had been a king, and as was the custom at the time, when he was about to die, they had to bury some slaves alive with him.

There was this particular slave who cried till the sand covered him l up, and he had placed a curse on the family that as his life was cut short at the age of forty, no male child in that family would live beyond their fortieth birthday. So that was what was responsible for all the deaths. All they did was pray, and the curse was broken. That was the end of premature death in that family.

One thing about life is that no matter what you do, life itself is a witness, and never forgets. There is no way you can do evil and get away with it, and there is no way that you do good, and you do not reap the benefits. It might look like you are getting away with it, or that it is passing you by as the case may be, It has just been hidden for a season.

Life and everything created including the elements can witness for and against a person regarding things that were done in the past. They were always there when it all happened. Be careful what you do, be careful what you say. You might think this is garbage and does not make sense. The truth is that most of us suffer as a result of our ignorance.

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