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T.W.O deny quitting music, drop new single

Top showbiz couple, Tunde and Wunmi Obe, have materialised from the shadow of  speculations of a shift
from Music to TV to announce that they are actually still working the notes and tones and hoping to release a new album before the year runs out.

“We have not left music, Music is our first love. We have been recording new songs, and in fact we are ready to roll,” Wunmi Obe who clocked 40 last week told journalists in Lagos this week. Her partner, Tunde Obe continues, “We are too legit to quit, we won’t do that to our fans, we owe it to them, we can’t leave them hanging.”

Tunde and Wunmi Obe
Tunde and Wunmi Obe

And as if to show to the world that they are still in the game for real, the couple whose singles “Adupe” and “Mogbomaya” remain regulars on TV and Radio nationwide, unleashed a new single titled “Zombie” this week.

Coined from Bantu language (a family of Niger- Congo languages predominantly spoken in Central and Southern Africa ), the word Zombie has over the years come to mean a walking dead. But not to worry, T.W.O is not sliding in that direction.

Instead, Tunde Obe explains, “Zombie in our own context, does not have anything to do with military men or a dead man walking. Our song tells a story of two love birds who are stuck on one other, and cannot do without each other.”

The single, which was produced by Sean Keyz is the first from the duo after their monstrous hit, “Mogbomaya” which established them as “a bridge between the old and the new school.”

A glance at the successes of their past albums tells that the pair will definitely make a larger than life impression as is their tradition. “We are definitely in this for good, and as we keep saying, we are too legit to quit”,Wunmi Obe says on a final note.

The title of the forthcoming album has not been announced yet. According to their publicist, Ayeni Adekunle, “All those other details will be known soon. All we just want to do now is let people know that contrary to widespread speculations, this couple we all love so much, are not quitting music.

Not now, not tomorrow, not ever” T.W.O started as lead singers in a campus band ‘Turning point’ in the 80s, and got popular nationwide with their popular weekly television performance on the Charly boy Show and Zoom time.


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