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Sublime unveils new logo, Ad technic

Sublime solution has  unveiled a new logo tagged Super AD wheels in Lagos. Ajibade  Oladoku, Managing Director, Sublime Solution said at the unveiling that the full potentials of advertising is fully untilised as he stated that advertisers have not explored other available advertising solutions in the industry.

According to him, advertising as a mode of reaching target audience has gone beyond the traditional mode like the Radio Television, Newspaper and billboard  to some more innovative steps like the internet which is been viewed by millions all over the world.

The Managing Director said that most people have not thought more about the form of advertisement through cabs and luxury buses and on cars wheel covers that moves  around the state. This form of advertising is seen as such that would catch much audience and it will also travel to very far place that could  enable it target  audience catch a glimpse of it at  any time, he said.

“Imagine the impact a company’s  logo would make when it  is found  on the wheel cover of over 1500 taxi caps  in Lagos and 2000 thousand in Abuja. This wheel cover stays stationary while the car is moving which means the logo or promo will be visible at any speed it moves.

He further  said that people  no longer pay more much attention to the traditional mode of advertisement.  “In the world today people increasingly have short attention spans and the traditional advertising such as radio, television, newspaper and the internet are no longer strong enough to retain  consumer attention,” he stressed.
“Non traditional advertising is a strong alternative for company’s to keep their product and services constantly on the mind of their consumers. This circumstance  needs a solution that will reinforce the brand of linkage of  a service or product and we have to develop a pragmatic approach in solving this ailing problem,” he said.


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