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Shiite disowns Boko Haram

By Emeka Mamah

Kaduna – THE Shiite Islamic sect  otherwise known as Islamic Movement of Nigeria denied, yesterday, any link with the Boko Haram Islamic sect, saying it could not be against western education when it currently has over 300 schools across Nigeria teaching both western and Islamic education.

In a statement signed by the national coordinator, Resource Forum of the movement, Dr. Abdullahi Danladi, the group dismissed the claim that its leader, Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, is the founder of the Boko Haram group, asking the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) and the Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI) to sanction those propagating such ideas through their Tasfir.

Danladi said that Zakzaky cannot have anything to do with the Boko Haram group while sponsoring several schools across the country, adding, “How Sheikh Zakzaky excelled in his academic pursuit in the ivory tower is no hidden secret… It is pertinent to note that two of his children are currently in the university while the rest are attending schools in Zaria. How, for God’s sake, do all these tally with their ineffectual idea that Sheikh Zakzaky is the founder of the Boko Haram idea? It is haram to lie. Apart from this, the movement has over 300 schools across the country that teach both western and Islamic education”.

Danladi accused an Islamic preacher of spearheading what he called a campaign of calumny against its leader saying that “it is noteworthy to state that the preacher’s current attack and onslaught on the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and its leader is ultimately aimed at inciting the general public against the peaceful and law abiding members of the Islamic movement at the curious behest of his masters, both domestic and foreign.

“The preacher’s regrettable utterance did not stop at cursing the Shia and the Islamic Movement in Nigeria…, he has gone ahead to attempt to link the … movement with the Boko Haram idea. It is obvious that he has mixed things up. The preacher has further toed a dangerous path … by accusing the Islamic Movement of stockpiling arms to attack Muslims in mosques. We will not be surprised if it is part of the plot to stage manage bomb attacks in Nigerian mosques and blame it on the movement.

“If his statement is true that the movement is stockpiling arms, the general populace would have known this in the movement’s over 30 years of existence. “


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