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Rita Lori’s WWCA demands probe into Excravos River killing

By Daniel Gumm
LAGOS—THE Warri Women Consultative Assembly (WWCA) has called on the Federal Government to conduct full investigation into the attack on an Itsekri passenger-boat and killing of one passenger and injuring of several others, asking what the killing of innocent Itsekiri man has got to do with the Niger Delta struggle.

The group is also mobilising women of the Niger Delta under the auspices of the WWCA, to initiate a town hall meeting with all genuine leaders of the geo-political zones and ethnic nationalities in the country to find a lasting solution to the crisis in the Niger Delta.

Leader of the group, Chief (Mrs.) Rita Lori-Ogbebor, who is also the Igba of Warri, in an interview with Vanguard weekend, said: “We want to talk but we do not want the politicians to join us. As mothers, we do not want what is happening in the Niger Delta to degenerate into something else.”

She explained that the group would be moving from one state to the other, calling on the people and elders of the communities in the East, North and West and “let them know what is happening to us in the Niger Delta, and impress it on them that your wives and children may not be directly killed in the refugee camps, but you are going to be affected in the course of what is happening in the region.”

According to her, “already, the country is in darkness, and you are going into total darkness. What you think will not touch you will touch you, because nobody knows that these boys could come to Lagos.”

The Warri chief said it would be good that everybody sat down to solve the problem, insisting that the problem had to be solved. She, however, advised every ethnic leader in the country not to sit there and think the problem would not touch them.

Chief Lori-Ogbebor said her group would be going round to tell the Federal Government as well as alerting all the foreign powers that, “we do not want them to come and send soldiers to our communities any more when the situation gets worse,” adding that they are not helping the people by sending in soldiers.

She said that in order to stop “this thing in the Niger Delta, we must face the problems squarely and address the issues,” adding that her group would go to the UN and let them know that Niger Delta women do not want to be like the Congolese and Rwandan women. We do not want more soldiers in our soil, for reasons that we are innocent of.”

On the killing of the passenger and injuring of several others, she asked the authorities: “Where do the Itsekiri go from here. We cannot definitely continue like this, and we are not prepared to be the sacrificial fodders in the Niger Delta.”


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