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Regal Exchange Holds 2-day Leadership Course in Accra

UK-based financial and business training experts, Regal Exchange & Associates Limited, has announced the commencement of a two-day leadership course Expert Negotiator – in Accra, Ghana from 20th – 21st August 2009.

A statement from the organizers said the programme will exhaustively treat, among others, Leadership, Business Negotiations, Team Negotiation, Human Psychology, Negotiation Techniques, Developing Information and Power Change.
It stated that the training will feature seasoned business psychologist, Dr. John Potter, who has many years of practical negotiating experience in a variety of settings, as Course Director.

This programme, according to the organisers, has been developed to make participants to be able to plan a negotiation effectively, acquire a range of negotiating tactics, be in a position to become expert negotiators in a variety of settings, and be able to influence others in both a cooperative and competitive context.

It will also teach participants to understand what makes people tick and how to influence them, to be able to use time effectively to create their desired outcomes, understand the role that perceived power plays in negotiation, acquire current perspective of how negotiation works in today’s world and to be more aware of what really works in negotiation.

Ultimately, the statement said, the course will enable participants to create win-win negotiation outcomes. “Negotiation is a core, indeed critical, skill for many business and professional people,” the statement said.

The process of negotiating, the statement further said, demands good business judgment and a keen understanding of human psychology. “Many functions within an organisation and business necessitate a high level of capability in this area, but often the need for those directly involved in financial management to be able to negotiate well is underestimated.

For many executives, the need for negotiating skills is made more important by the strategic nature of many business negotiations.

“Private Equity, Mergers & Acquisitions, alliances with suppliers and customers, major corporate deals, trade and tariff negotiations with governments and public officials and
discussions with consultants, auditors and other skilled entities all require a high level of negotiation ability.”
It advised interested participants are expected to email their request to

According to the course content, Section One of Day one will feature: Taking the overview – introductions and opening up communication; taking the overview – the three
stages of negotiation; The Essence of Financial Negotiations; The Four Frames of Negotiation – the nature of win-win negotiation; The concept of your BATNA; What the
Research on Negotiation shows.

Also involved are: managing concessions; what makes a good negotiator?

The Power of Planning – Understanding the Zone of Possible Agreement (ZOPA) as well as Negotiation Exercise One and Tactics Session One.

Section Two entails understanding those with whom we negotiate and creativity; the essence of human nature  what motivates people; Self awareness creativity exercise;
understanding the role of minimising self-pressure to unlock the creative unconscious; and Creating a clear vision of what you want – mobilising the Law of Attraction.

In addition, it will treat team negotiations, avoiding the pitfalls and common mistakes made in negotiations; negotiation exercise, part two and tactics session part two
Day two, Section Three will feature understanding power and decision making style; Decision-making styles and how to work with them; the main sources of power in negotiation; Developing information power; the effective use of questions, as well as listening skills.

Also to be taught are Understanding the meta programme approach to listening; cultural differences; negotiating in a team context; handling errors; getting to YES – the Harvard
Negotiation Project; Negotiation Exercise Three and Tactics Session Three.

Section Four will look at complex negotiations; strategic issues; briefing for final exercise; Team negotiation project; debrief; personal action planning session; building the network and sustaining the learning.


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