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Ramadan promo: Starcomms slash on-net call to N1

Subscribers on the 4th largest telecommunication company in Nigeria, Starcomms Plc are in for lengthy conversations this Ramadan period as the network offers them a record tariff_slash.

During the promo, all Starcomms Subscribers using both mobile and fixed lines and those who purchase Starcomms phones during the period with the exception of tele_center operators on the Telemax tariff programme will pay only one naira (N1) per minute for calls made within the network between the hours of 10.00 pm and 6.00 am, meaning that Subscribers will enjoy discounted on_net tariff rates during off _ peak hours for the duration of the promo.

This unique offer is meant to benefit customers in all cities where there is Starcomms coverage for a period of one month.
The promo is intended to enable Starcomms subscribers share warm thoughts during the Ramadan period, being a period when people make calls to encourage one another.

Apart from this, the Ramadan period is known for a lot of communal activities that require people getting in touch as of necessity. With the one_naira_per_minute promo, young people can add fun to the rituals of Ramadan by establishing a Starcomms telephone tree among friends to wake one_another up for prayers and meals.

A phone tree is a group of people who reach out to convey a message in an organized way. Instead of one person contacting 50 people, one person contacts two other people, who then each contact two other people, and so on. Each person has a ‘tree’, which is a diagram of who to contact, and their phone numbers. Within a short time, everybody is awake to the day’s activities.

a network that speaks their language. It is a gesture of our commitment to the wellbeing of our customers at all times.”
Any Starcomms user with as little as N1 airtime can make on_net conversation during off_peak period as there is no commitment on the amount of airtime usage on the part of the subscriber to enjoy the benefits.


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