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Police must be autonomous – Rep

By Tordue Salem

ABUJA – The Deputy Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Police Affairs, Rep. Ofor Chukwuegbo has declared that the only road to credible elections in the Country is to give the Nigerian Police Force the independence to promote, demote and fund itself.

Mr. Ofor who represents Enugu North/Enugu South Federal Constituency of Enugu State on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in an exclusive interview with Vanguard weekend, said his Committee had worked on an amendment to the Act to provide clauses that would allow the force regulate itself.

He noted that before the police can be separate from the Executive and political class’ whims and caprices, the force must be granted the full freedom of operations.

“The Police Amendment Act we are working on now, will not only strengthen the police force, but it will separate the Nigerian Police from the Executive arm of Government, so that it will be an independent body.

“A situation whereby if there is a vacuum in a police post, you will know that this is the next person to take that post, instead of lobbying the Executive or lobbying whoever for you to emerge, will not be called for.

“If we make it a law for the Police to regulate itself, the Executive or whoever cannot influence the promotion of the Inspector General or whatever position will be left to the law regulating the Force. That will also remove the undue pressure on the police to do the bidding of the powers that be at elections”, he said.


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