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Marketing Communications A-List book hits market

Princewill Ekwujuru
The  role of advertising   in the whole gamut of the industry cannot be over-looked, but the ingenuity of creative persons had been  relegated to the back ground over years; Reason, top management staff, particularly Managing Directors take the credit for a job welldone.

A book, christened A-List will soon hit the market shelf before the end of 2009, where, from the position of Managers; creative persons in an agency will be listed in the book, the book according to Mr Samuel Ajayi, Publisher of the book, said, the book  will show in details what the listed person has done over the years.

The book, he stated will also contain details of the creative person, but with  not  the educational background; reason,  “creativity is natural, that could occur in a person without high educational background,” but that a person that had  progressed on the job to the level of a  Manager or Creative Director will be listed.

His words, “recognising the critical role our industry plays in the whole economic mix, we formally introduce to you Marketing & Communication A_List It is a compendium of practitioners, managers upwards, in the marketing and communications industry which stores, both in book and electronic form, their career data and information. Also, those who work in corporate affairs units of companies are also to be listed.

In die same vein, the List will also have a session on agencies_advertising, public relations, outdoor companies, consultancy firms and production outfits_who are operating in the industry.”
He explained that Marketing & Communication A_List is powered by Ryma Communications Limited, brand support and strategic relations consultants. The list is modeled after the British marketing and communication A_List.

“Let it be noted that this is NOT a who_is_who, but a reference material on practitioners’ career history, family, job designation, their personal nuances, favourites and comments from a close colleague. All data will be processed into book form after the United Kingdom’s highly reliable annual A_List and put in a website with each listee’ being given a pin code through which he or she can access her information and that of others.”

The publisher noted also that the compendium will be updated every year as those who are not managers this year would have become one the next year, and current managers might have changed jobs.


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