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GATE successfully starts up Chevron Agbami minox system

GATE (Gibson Applied Technology & Engineering) LLC has successfully completed the commissioning and startup of the Chevron Agbami Minox system offshore Nigeria. The system, consisting of two complex 225,000 BWPD systems in parallel, required precision planning and execution to enable a successful commissioning and startup.

Prior to mobilization GATE developed a Minox process model for verification and calibration that will eventually be used by operations staff.

The startup process included testing the chemical injection system, introducing water flow to the vessels and tuning level controllers for stable flow, level and pressure during ramp-up, starting the N2 compressor and preparing the system for “hot” start-up by adding the catalyst and loading the methanol. With preparation and testing complete, GATE started the system and ramped up methanol injection. With the Minox process at full flow and temperature, GATE then tuned the system using its proprietary mass balance process model and provided training to the operations staff.


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