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You don’t have to be beautiful to enhance your looks… — Mrs Ejaro

By Yemisi Suleiman

Mrs. Precious Ejaro is the Director of Beautiful Faces and Body. A skincare outfit that specializes in all beauty concerns, like bridal makeup, body massage, specialized facial treatment and more.  Three years on, this mother of one from Cross river state has  carve a niche for herself in the beauty industry, with an impressive clientele base list of fashionistas and top celebrities. .

In this chat with Vanguard Esther Onyegbula she speaks on how she became a make up artist despite acquiring a degree in Information Technology, her experience as a makeup artist, challenges as well as her fashion and style.….

Being a makeup artist today, is a vocation that began along time ago as flair, right from when I was in school.  I have always been someone who likes to look good and also make others look good by giving them advise that will help them achieve that splendid glow. After my degree,  I decided to acquire professional training in make-up, and I trained  under Joile Makeup School” she informs.

SATMrs. Ejaro believes, that employing the services of a makeup artist as an individual or as a bride is necessary to enhance one’s  look. The fact is that, you don’t have to be beautiful to apply makeup or enhance your looks; whether you are beautiful or not you can always make yourself beautiful, and there can always be a better and improved you. “You need that beautiful look that only a professionally trained make-up artist can provide.

You need a beautiful face for your photographs which are for keeps. Come to think of it, during important celebrations like weddings, apart from your wedding rings, the “Aso-ebi”, food and drinks, cake and souvenirs are for friends families and other well wishers, but your photographs and video tapes are the only memories you have of your day and make up helps to improve on your looks” she explained.

For women who don’t appreciate the sharp and loud make-up, they should   go for the natural look Mrs. Precious advised that with the different types of health friendly make-up available in the market achieving a natural look would be their best option. “We have different types of make up that can be used to achieve a natural look; in fact you will have to take a real look to know the person is wearing makeup” she noted.

How she has been able to cope with fuzzy clients who come for make up? “Here, our policy is that we do not argue with our clients, because our customers are always right but because we know our onions we have handled them perfectly. Recently, we had a bride who said she wanted to wear a dark lip liner and I told her that it is not proper, but she insisted but instead of arguing with her I pleaded with her to take her first snap of photographs and then she can apply her dark lip liner later, she agreed and applied her dark lip liner for the second section of photographs and at the event reception. So we have clients that no matter what you say they will keep auguring with you and it is not nice to argue with them,  because doing that  can make tempers  rise and anything can happen; so the best thing is to let them be if they insist.”

When asked the best ways to ensure to help an oily face retain make up she replied that “I believe that any professional makeup artist should find out what is good or suitable for a particular client because our skin type differs from each other. Having said this; an oily skin should not poise any problem to a makeup artist. The first step I will advice is to cleanse the face with a facial cleanser and then matte with a mattifier that is suitable for the skin type before apply makeup.

There are products in the market that you can use for that. And with this the makeup would last longer”. How has it been coping with competition “In the make-up industry, I don’t believe in competition, because every make-up artist is unique in their own ways. Even as a makeup artist, there are certain things that I can do that another artist can’t do, even if we were trained by same makeup artist. Our ways of expressing what we have leant would be different even when we have been trained by same person. Because make-up is all about creativity, you can’t use my brain and I can’t use yours.

Every makeup artist is unique in her own way.” What does she  like about being a makeup artist? “Being a makeup artist is  good business and apart from that it makes me happy. Being able to make a bride happy, for instance if a person who has pimples or any skin infection comes to Beautiful Faces and undergoes the  necessary treatment and comes back after a few weeks a smile of satisfaction on their face, it gives me joy because they are happy too.

Having said that, we experience a few challenges here and there but the major challenge is the issue of quack in the industry. People who do not want to train; they don’t want to acquire that knowledge and they are into the same business and people keep comparing the professionals and the quack. It is also a challenge convincing customers that you are different from other. For instance when you tell a person to undergo a certain kind of beauty routine and they choose to take advice from someone who is not professionally trained and when things go bizarre they run back to you with more problems.”

I believe that if most clients would trust us  to do our jobs and believe that we can make them look better,  it will do a lot of good.


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