By Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor

Could God not have healed him of stammering? Of course, He could! Instead, He said to Moses: “Is not Aaron the Levite, thy brother?”  And thou shall speak to him and put words in his mouth. And he shall be thy spokesman to the people (Exo: 4:14-16). Now what do you think God was doing? Aaron was created to also come to prominence by being a voice for Moses. That is why God did not heal Moses and make him eloquent. There would have been no place for Aaron. Besides, the world would not have had any need for Aaron at all.

Unfortunately, Aaron played the fool even though he was older than Moses. You know why? He could not comprehend why God created him and gave him to Moses. Instead, he betrayed Moses (Exo. 32:2-35; Num. 12:1-2). He did not realize that God did not give him to the people but to Moses.

Peoples’ clap or God’s will?

The fact that people are clapping for you does not make you anything to reckon with. You have to find out God’s purpose for your life. Aaron did not realize this fact. That is why I consider him a foolish old man. Marian took advantage of this flaw in his life and talked him into challenging Moses. She must have said something like this to him: “Aaron, you are older than Moses. What nonsense! After all, without your voice, he cannot talk. Join me to challenge him and let us curtail all his excesses!” (Num.12:1,2). I can imagine that Aaron asked Miriam some questions to make double sure: “Do we have the support of the people?” And Miriam would have assured him: “Yes! the people are solidly with us!” Aaron would have felt good and said: “Okay no problem!” That was his undoing. He forgot that he was not a gift to the people but to Moses. Consequently the rebellion failed. Imaging Moses going to mount Sinai as God commanded him and the following
conservation ensues between him and Aaron;
Moses: Aaron

Aaron: Sir!

Moses: While I am away take care of the people.

Aaron: Yes Sir!

One day, one week, two weeks, and even after one month, Moses did not appear. The people became tired of waiting. The people then came to Aaron and said to him: “Moses is not forth coming. You are a great man. You are the voice of Moses. If you do not talk, Moses cannot talk. After all, if Moses is not around you are here and we are with you. Create another god. Perhaps Moses and his God are lost somewhere! So Aaron foolishly made another god: “And Aaron said unto them, Break off the golden earrings which are in the ears of your wives”. And he received them at their hand and fashioned it with a graving tool, after he had made it a molten calf: and they said, “These be thy gods, O Israel” And they rose up early and the people sat down to eat and to drink, and rose up to play’ (Exo. 32:2-6). Meanwhile, God interrupted His discussion with Moses. I can imagine that their dialogue was something like this:

GOD: My son Moses, are you hearing the noise?

Moses: My LORD! they must be rejoicing.
GOD: No, it is not rejoicing. The man that I gave you has left you!
Read the details in Exo. 32:7-35. Not surprisingly, in Hebrews chapter 11 (the hall of fame) where all the great people in the Old and New Testaments are recorded, Aaron (the first High-priest of Israel) was conspicuously omitted. Even Rahab a harlot was mentioned. Why? It is because he was a foolish old man who did not realize that God created him to enhance Moses’ ministry. God intended that wherever Moses was mentioned, Aaron’s name would automatically be mentioned also.

The destiny of Aaron was tied to that of Moses. That is why God did not heal Moses of his deficiency in speech but made Aaron his spokesman and servant. My prayer for you as you read this message is: “May you not misuse the gift that God has given you in Jesus name!” Let me speak a prophetic word into your life.  As a prophet of God, I address your hands. If you remain faithful to the God who gave you gifts, talents and abilities, those your hands that have never created anything.
I command them to receive the ability to create wealth. I challenge every satanic opposition to your advancement to your next level. I challenge the opposition by the authority of the resurrected Christ.

I trample the enemy under my feet. I say to your hands: You will never be empty again! Your struggles are over. You will walk in dominion. I overthrow the demons of darkness. I put them under your feet. I defeat everyone that has ever defeated you in the past. You are more than a conqueror by the authority of the resurrected Christ. I break the backbone of the enemy, so that they will not make progress! I take away whatever they depend on and disarm them completely. Your gifts will swallow them. Your hands will cover and defeat them. You will enjoy the fruit of your labour. You will not die before your time. You will not be taken before the fulfillment of your destiny. You will stand above your equals. You will not crawl but you will stand firm.


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