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So Etiabas impeached Obi?

By Uchenna Aja-Ani

I READ in a national newspaper the interview of Chief Victor Umeh, the Awka Chairman of APGA, regarding the above.

I was shocked to learn from Umeh that the Etiabas who we all think to be a very lovely and close family are in fact according to Umeh, very bad people.  They allegedly sponsored or supported the impeachment of the only living saint in Africa ?  Now I don’t like them anymore.

I shall start a campaign to stop Anambra people from calling the Deputy Governor “Mama Anambra”.  She and her children impeached a Saint but again handed over power back to the Saint and stayed with the Saint despite all odds?  Na wa o!

My joy is that Chief Umeh said he has more to say and he should be given the opportunity to say it all.  Anambra people deserve to know all about how they are being governed.  Since 1999, Anambra State has been contributing more than any other state in Nigeria to the rising economy of the media.

It started with the news of high insecurity, then the Bakassi Boys unique mode of justice, then Obasanjo colonised the State and put Chris Uba in charge. The media had a field day.

Now we have an image-driven living Saint and his campaign manager called chairman of a party, making the papers sell very well.  Let us face it, Anambra has been in the centre of a media blitz.  Sometimes you may need to be notorious to  become popular.

I have no doubt in my mind that it shall soon be well with Anambra State for God has not finished with our state yet. But meanwhile the comedy show continues.

The questions Umeh must be made to answer in his next ‘interview’ should include: What was the relationship between the Ofili Nwosu who brought these bad Etiabas to the Saint, with the Saint and APGA; and what is the relationship like now? How was Hon. Barr. Chuks Ben Nwosu and his group who fought against the impeachment in the House treated by the Saint?

Is it that Emeka Etiaba met with the PDP members on Friday night and two days later, the Saint was impeached?  How about Umeh’s story that Ngige called on the house to impeach the Saint? If Afuba was sacked because he filed some documents supporting the Saint at the court, why did he not recall him as Attorney General when he returned to office?

So Emeka allegedly gave out 15 cars to bribe house members; who gave Umeh the black Prado Jeep he is driving?  Was it bribe also? We all know that there was no proper election in Anambra State in 2007, how did the Saint and Chief Umeh try to help APGA members who went to court to challenge the faulty presence of members of the (PDP) House of Assembly in Anambra State ?

How come Umeh’s party in government cannot win any free and fair election despite the touted unprecedented achievements of an APGA government and the presence of a living Saint, whose anointing need not be touched?

How do the people of Anambra State react to this Saint whenever he shows up at gatherings?  Is it the Etiabas that sponsored the cold reception of the people? Did the Saint win the 2003 election by courting enemies, scandalising the entire elites or by discussing issues? Anambra State is insecure and dirty.  The schools are left to rot away while Umeh and the Saint are in charge.  They refused to either employ teachers or renovate the schools.  Is it the Etiabas that advised so?

We hear the Saint never takes any advice from mere mortals.  How come that Etiaba advised him and he took it and Ofili Nwosu recommended a ‘bad’ person and he took it?  Did the Saint not know enough people to choose from?  How many people of note has Umeh attracted to join his party with his wonderful attitude?  We know Umeh is very smart. After  all it is not easy to get anything from the Saint.

How and why did Umeh impeach Chief Chekwas Okorie who toiled so hard to get APGA registered as a political party? Now that the PDP House of Assembly has been bought over, why can’t Umeh and the Saint get the House to impeach the ‘bad’ Dame Virgy Etiaba? When Dr. Okey Udeh misbehaved, the House threw him out.  When Abaribe, Kofo-Bucknor, etc, annoyed their governors, they were kicked out.  What is the Saint waiting for? Ngige stole the Saint’s mandate and remains more popular than the Saint.  Why?

The Etiabas allegedly sponsored the Saint’s impeachment (according to Umeh) and Dame Etiaba is by far more popular than the Saint.  Why? Andy Uba sponsored the Saint’s impeachment, pushed him away for 14 days but still controls the House he installed. Why?  Yet the Saint said he is a millionaire in every currency in the world. Can’t he help others to get their mandate back as God helped him?

Now the current issues we don’t want to forget, who in Government House of Anambra State leaked the information to Lagos Police Command that N250 Million cash was on the way to the Saint’s private office at Apapa? What is the truth about the rumour that this money movement is a monthly affair? After all, the Saint swore that he would never touch Anambra money unlike all the other Anambra elites who are all thieves.

We really don’t care about the money for it has been returned but who leaked a story to paint the Saint black? We need to stone that person just like we must stone the Etiabas for daring to touch the anointed. Umeh should be made to talk more. That way INEC would recognise him as the authentic impeacher of the real APGA chairman who is not a saint and deserves illegal impeachment.

Some people were on AIT practically accusing the Saint of stealing N250 Million. That is sacrilege of the first order! When would they be sued or is this sponsored impeachment story a diversion? I have no doubt in my mind that the Saint would win the election in 2010.

The strategy is very good. Victor Umeh and the press crew of the Saint would engage in character assassination and create more enemies for the Saint. Then those they hurt may fight back and because they are so many, we turn to the gullible masses and sell the story that those people are hounding this Saint because he is a Saint.

They want to crucify him, like they did to our Lord Jesus.

Mr.  Aja-Ani, a teacher, writes from Anambra State.

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