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Enahoro worries over N-Delta crisis

THE leader  of PRONARCO and prominent Nationalist, Chief Anthony Enahoro, has expressed worry over the persistent crisis in the Niger Delta, therefore he urged the Federal Government to tackle the raging crisis in the region with all seriousness.

While addressing newsmen in Benin  City yesterday,  Enahoro who turned 86 last Wednesday, asserted that the deployment of bombs and guns to unleash mayhem in the area would not solve the agitation and violence in the area.

He said that the time had come for the country to take a serious look at the Niger Delta problem so as to come up with lasting solution to the problem, which according to him was as a result of poor assistance from government.

Chief Enahoro argued that the oil which was at the root of the agitation and restiveness in the region still remains the  property of the inhabitants of the region, adding that the fact that British imperialists conquered the country and ceded the ownership of the oil found in large commercial quantities in their land to the entire country did not amount to a loss of the resources found in their territory.

“ So it will be funny for anybody to assume that the people of the area will accept an arrangement that tends to deprive them access to the resources found in their territory” he stated.

Commenting on the incessant cases of hostage taking and kidnapping in the region, Enahoro condemned the action of the perpetrators and urged government at all levels to find solution to it because “ it is scaring investors out of the region and that will seriously affect our economy”.

He reiterated that “ the solution to most of these problems is the convocation of a conference of ethnic nationalities in the country so that we can decide on how we want to live as a people because the present arrangement was put together by the colonial masters.

“The founding fathers did not give any attention to the issue of how the country would be governed after independence.  All the attention was focused on how to get the British colonialists out of the country and to start a process of self governance.

But it is now the responsibility of the present generation to take a look on the emergent issues of critical concern to the country after the attainment of independence from the Britrish in 1960” he said.

According to him, the present generation of Nigerians had a responsibility to ensure that the expected decision was taken on the future of the country, saying that for “ us to continue to pretend that all is well is not the solution to our problem.

And if we do not take up the challenge to address the challenges of living together and take a decision on the country, it is inevitable that terrible things might happen in the country in the nearest future”.

“Alright we live, our general now yours, we just manage on a let on, but with time, it is bound to come when there will be people who think that way and that this is not our thing.

Some of us feel very strongly that we did our best that we did our best but sometimes I feel bad and our best at the time was really anti-British. We wanted the British out.

Certainly my generation was not concerned with who owns Nigeria and who doesn’t own it.  It is the generation thereafter, I think, i submit that the generation after us, that must have to decide what do we make of what we took over from the white man” he stated.


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