By Olayinka  Latona

A CHRISTIAN cleric    and leader of the   Apostolic Church, Witnesses and Youth Movement, Pastor N.O.V. Ogunmuyide has blamed the increasing number of social vices among the youth on endemic poverty in the country.

Speaking at a 3-day Area Youth and Witness Movement annual convention, at Mushin, Lagos, the cleric further blamed corruption for the endemic poverty in the society, adding that people are no longer patriotic stressing that lack of patriotism is the mother of all social vices.
According to him, patriotism makes people to love one another, respecting their names, home and the society where they belong, pointing out that if Nigerians do not imbibe the spirit of patriotism in its fullness, it will be very difficult for the nation to attain its full growth.
“It is because we are not patriotic, as a country, that is why the nation is still facing moral decadence in all spheres and not until we trace our root and everybody decide to be faithful in all our doings, it will be difficult for us to grow like the developed nations,” Ogunmuyide said, adding that poverty is another major problem that is plaguing the nation and it’s breeding serious social vices.
The clergy man also pointed out that many Nigerians are still held under the captivity of idol worship, stating that some men of God through the preaching of heresies are not helping matters. He therefore urged people to go back to the Scriptures and through this “they will know the truth and be free from all forms of deception and idolatry.
“If you hear what some men of God preach nowadays, you will pity human beings, because they are inadvertently attempting to return people to idolatry and their gullible congregation accept anything they are told without question,” he maintained.
According to him, it’s very difficult for such people to pull out because they heard such heresy from their pastor and they believe it; “if only they can personally go to the Bible they will be delivered.”
Besides, Pastor Ogunmuyide admonished children of God, especially the youths to return to God, and things will turn around for the nation, because the youths are the future of the nation.


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