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ChamsCity facilitates employee development

ChamsCity, the network of digital facilities operating in Nigeria has opened a window of opportunity for employee development through its’ computer based testing and learning platform.

Sola Bickersteth, General Manager of ChamsCity said both local and international companies have been taking advantage of the facilities.
Said Bickersteth :”We have created an ideal digital platform for organisations who want to modernise their operations by  eliminating paper based testing and manual identification of thousands of individuals at the same time for large scale recruitment or admission tests, skills certification and interactive training.

Leveraging on our highly secure finger print biometric application,we guaranty authenticity, confidentiality and exceptional testing services.
“Our growing network of centers are world class and record breaking , facilitating electronic transactions in public identification, mass registration , professional skills certification and large_scale training.
” It provides a cashless, innovative and pioneering environment for organizations”, Bickersteth added.

Individuals who are registered with ChamsCity, she said  can easily be identified and invited for recruitment or admission tests without fear of favour because the system scores the individual based on their true ability or they can improve their professional skills via the e_Learning and training facility with over 3,000 courses for practically every type of profession.
Organizations’ are better assurd of the integrity of their admission tests because question leakages are systematically eliminated and the systems makes it impossible for the individuals to cheat.

He said the facility was designed to empower government agencies , educational institutions, professional organizations and associations, financial institutions, IT service providers, corporate organisations and even small businesses to experience economic and career growth by being able to provide more efficient services to large populations and customers using information and communications technology .

ChamsCity locations are ideal for government agencies that wish to conduct mass citizen registration,public services and electronic payment collections .Educational institutions that wish to conduct online classes and entrance tests as well as their regular examinations, large corporations conducting pre_qualification employee tests and staff training also fit the bill.

All  ChamsCity locations have call center platforms that organizations can use to provide 24/7 customer service to the public and registered individual members need to register at only one location but will be able to access any of the facilities for online communications , professional skills improvements  and certification to improve their job search and career development.


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