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Bayelsa impeachment saga: Asara exonerates VP

By Samuel Oyadongha
Yenagoa—Bayel sa State Commissioner for Information, Communication and Strategy, Chief Asara .A. Asara, has said the perceived impeachment of the state governor was not possible in the state and exonerated the vice president from what he called evil plot.

The commissioner, who explained that those involved in the battle for control of party structures, were fighting for their personal interest, added that the issue of who controls the party at the state level was not contestable since the governor is leader of the party in the state, while the vice president is the party leader in the South-South.

Chief Asara, who spoke to newsmen Wednesday evening, shortly after the state exco meeting in Yenagoa, exonerated the vice president from the party’s conflict, accusing those at the National Assembly of insincerity in the crisis.

He noted that instead of Bayelsa representatives at National Assembly to stay focused on how to advance the interest of the state at the national level, they were busy running the governor down.

His words:   “The governor is not going to be bothered about diversionary statements from any quarter. Those elected to represent the people should do so.

“Look at the 2009 budget, nobody is saying anything on what benefit should come to the state. And we claim we have representative at the National Assembly and by today, while we are struggling with eighth local government councils, they should have tried with the amendment to the constitution to advance two more local councils.

“We would have felt represented. Yet you people celebrate these people with their frivolous claims.

“If these people believe they will come back with carry-go pattern, the electoral reform being done will change that. The election will be based on performance. If you don’t have anything to tell us after service, it will be disastrous.

“They must know that no matter what happens in the state after crisis, an Ijaw man will still be the governor and the issue of impeachment is not like the one conducted under Obasanjo’s government. It will be cumbersome and not needed in the state.”

Reacting to the alleged face off between the governor and the vice president, Chief Asara said the relationship between them was cordial.

“People are trying to create division between the duo through sentiments and frivolous claims on court cases against the PDP. I believe the vice president knows that the governor is the leader of the state and the state governor knows that in the South-South, the vice president is the leader.

“If others are fighting one another and they try to come in, they will claim the vice president and the governor are fighting. These people are fighting new interest. The interest of the vice president and the governor is well defined.

“I don’t think they have any reason to fight. It is just that anything happening in Bayelsa is over- celebrated. If the governor controls the party when the vice president was governor, why can’t this governor control the party?” He queried.


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