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A/Ibom commissioner proposes re-branding schools

UYO — The Akwa Ibom State Commissioner for Information and Social Re-orientation, Mr. Aniekan Umana, has called for the re-introduction of the assembly hall system as well as the compulsory teaching of moral and religious education in all schools in the country as part of the re-branding agenda to stem the rising tide of moral laxity, cultural erosion, greed and high level decay in the entire fabric of the society.

Umana who decried the fact that schools in the country have suddenly become breeding grounds for cultism and unethical behaviour, where teachers aid  students to cheat in exams because of cash rewards, noted that the nation stands the risk of producing certificate minia-ture graduates if it does not take a holistic approach reversing what he described as the “sucking culture”.

Addressing participants at the one day sensitization seminar organized by Akwa Ibom State Ethical and Attitudinal Re-orientation Commission, Mr. Umana said human beings should task their creative imaginations to energize the society through  conscientizing and that  parents should spend more time with their kids to be able to mould their mindset.

He stressed that the home was an essential unit of forming the society, hence the issue of character formation should be seen as that of a collective responsibility that should not be left to only teachers and  care givers.

Recalling the past, the Information Commissioner recounted that the discipline culture in the education system has been completely ignored thereby  leading to a situation where students are found loitering the streets during school hours and engaging in all manner of delinquent behavior, only for them to bribe senior level staff of  their schools who merely make themselves ready accomplices to be used by the young one to perpetuate exams mal practice.

He further expressed concern over what he saw as a new trend of indiscipline where young students abandon schools at the time they should be studying and routinely visit offices of public officers begging for money, a lifestyle totally alien to African culture.


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