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52-year-old HIV positive teacher rapes 12-year-old student


MAKURDI-Emotions ran high in  Otukpo, Benue State  in the week, when a 52 year old HIV positive teacher (name withheld) simply went  berserk  and allegedly took advantage of his 12 year old female student and raped her.

The rather unfortunate incident occurred at Wesley High School, a missionary secondary school located in the heart of Otukpo town which also has boarding facilities for resident students.

Narrating the ordeal through a petition written to the Chief Judge of Benue State a copy of which was made available to Vanguard, titled: A petition for Justice to be done devoid of favouritism”, the father of the victim, Mr. Amos Adeoye, intimated that the  teacher, on July 2 2009, within the premises of the school allegedly raped his daughter.

He explained that the victim was caught in the web of the accused on the fateful day, when on her way to the school matron’s abode to make a phone call to her parents when she was waylaid and lost her virginity to the HIV positive teacher.

According to Mr. Adeoye the culprit was caught in the act following the cry  for help by his victim and was arrested by fellow teachers and students of the school, who got hold of him until he (the father) was alerted and subsequently arrived the scene.

He disclosed that after the incident, the culprit was taken to the Otukpo Police Command where the alleged rapist was arrested, detained and later charged to court for raping the under-aged girl, old enough to be his daughter.

Adeoye lamented that he was only to discovered later from the medical personnel at the Otukpo General Hospital where the little girl was taken for medical attention that the alleged rapist had been an HIV patient who for a period of time had been placed on medication at the hospital.

He regretted that despite the gravity of the act allegedly perpetrated by the randy teacher and the overwhelming evidence against him, he has been granted bail by an Otukpo Chief Magistrate Court 1 that heard the matter on the 6th of July, 2009.

The freedom granted the accused prompted ‘the Save Our Soul’ petition and appealed to the Benue State Chief Judge, who has been urged by the petitioner to mediate in the matter alleging that the Chief Magistrate who heard the case at first instance hails from the same locality with the accused teacher pointing out that he was granted bail on that premise.

“I have no option but to cry to you to reverse this injustice by at least making the said teacher know that he has injured an innocent girl and condemned her to death by infecting her with HIV virus”, he lamented.

Adeoye regretted that the teacher showed no remorse after the incident but boosted that he would regain his freedom despite the monstrous act.

The petitioner who said his outcry is that of a helpless parent urging the Chief Judge of the state to ensure that justice is not only done in the matter but also seen to be done.

Meanwhile the alleged action of the 52 year old teacher has elicited the reactions of various Non Governmental Organizations NGOs and Civil Society Groups who have totally condemned the abominable act and called for dispassionate adjudication in the saga.


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