June 22, 2009

University Dons call for adoption of CDI strategy

By Sola Ogundipe
Deans of Faculties of Medicine and Nursing Schools have called for the strengthening of the front line health
facilities in the country in adopting the use of the CDI strategy for multiple health interventions.

Noting that a training of trainers can be arranged either using experts within the country or from elsewhere
within the region, they called for involvement of the National University Commission of each country in the
Programme to promote the strategy and sensitisation workshops for faculty staff and administrators.

These and other recommendations were part of the resolutions reached at the end of a 3-day CDI Curriculum and
Training Module, held in Abuja last week.

The education professionals observed that there was need to carry out sensitisation on the use of CDI strategy
for multiple health intervention including promoting maternal mortality.

On the Curriculum, it was agreed that 20 hours of course work should be equivalent to a minimum of one credit
while each University whould determine the number of credits based on its own criteria

The CDI Curriculum and Training Module was adopted by all Universities present while the curriculum should be
incorporated into other modules at undergraduate level. At postgraduate level, it was agreed that the curriculum
should “stand alone”.

Guidelines were given for a short proposal should be produced to apply for available funding from APOC and other
agencies),  concerning the writing of this proposal

Some of the  Universities indicated readiness to include the curriculum in this year whilst others would
implement it from 2010.

They said there should be a prepared plan including detailed timeline specific for each country, while a
proposal is submitted to APOC or other agencies, in favour of implementation of the proposal to pre-test the CDI
curriculum and training module.