June 22, 2009

The place to be; GTB’s new corporate lullaby

By Princewill Ekwujuru
Where is the place to  be.?  The place to be is a place where everything is easier to achieve, a place to be fulfilled. The place to be is where treasurers are protected, business is intact, a place re-assured. The place to be, is where there is no frustration, where with the touch of a button, problems are reached and solved.

The place to be; is the new theme song of Guranty Trust Bank (GTB) Plc, unveiled to newsmen recently. The song, composed and performed by ASA is a 60 second commercial geared towards expressing the oneness, the customer-centricism of the orange bank.

As Lola Odedina, General Manager, Corporate Communications of GT Bank rightly puts it “yesterday, we looked forward to the future. A  future where we are all free; free to enjoy life’s beauties and to achieve.

According to her, “today, we celebrate the birth of a new song that captures our brand essence effortlessly and with consumerate grace, seeking to support our customers in achieving their utmost; in an environment free of stress and worry”. Continuing, she said, “it is a song which could not have better captured our thoughts and feelings at GTB, towards our teeming customers, how much we care about them.” “It is a song about a place where simplicity meets perfection, and where professionalism meets excellence”.

Further, she said, “today, the birth of yet another milestone in that future whose origin lies in a very deep heritage,- a rich, unravalled heritage- where integrity, professionalism, simplicity and superior service delivery always hold sway.

” “It is a place where heritage that embodies the very essence of GTB’s core values, which has ultimately contributed to our partnership with ASA, who radiates the same attributes GTB is known for,” Odedina explained.

Mr Leke Alder, Principal, Alder Consulting, Brand Consultants to GTB in his 301 words, 43 lines epistle said that in the song, “you will see men walking, carrying in their hearts, safe deposit boxes of desire; the desire for peace, harmony, love and happiness of conviviality and life.”

“When you listen to this song, the lines will fall unto you in pleasant places. It is our desire, that from that height, you will see the honesty of intendment, and the desire to genuinely serve, that characterises the bank called GTBank.”