June 22, 2009

Sokline repositions, exhibits leadership threat

Soklin, a product of Eko    Supreme Resources Nigeria Ltd said it is now positioned to regain leadership of the detergent market.

The brand which expanded its product offering by introducing bigger sizes, aside the 15 and 30grams sachet, now offers 200, 400 and 900grams packs.

The upgrade, the company said is in response to the yearning demand of consumers, who see some economic efficiency in bigger sizes.

The company stated that the image change is expressed in its new pay off line; “Soklin is now a family, use so little, gain so much.”

They Company pointed out that the new tagline aims to convey two fundamental brand messages which are; that Soklin now offers a complete size range; that the brand is the same concentrated product that offers so much gain in just little use.

The company said the product which is now manufactured locally has improved on its ability to protect coloured clothes from discoloration. “This the company said was  made possible by its colour guard technology.”

The company noted that the aim is to educate consumers that Soklin is not simply an expert in white clothes, but of coloured clothes too.

Further, the it said that all has not been rosy for the brand, even though the product is facing challenges from competitors. The company stressed that it is paramount to make consumers know that the brand has bounced back, “and is geared to regain what it had lost during its temporary absence.

In terms of data, the company observed that survey in the first quarter of 2008 showed that Soklin is occupying the number two position in the detergent market, “we are not mincing words, we are coming for the number one spot,” the company reiterated.

The company stated  however that in the sachet segment, which is 50 per cent of the entire powdered detergent market in Nigeria, Soklin, the company said is occupying the number one position.

For these reasons, the company said it came out with new campaign theme which depicts the universal value of love of the family.

In another development, the brand which claimed social relevance to its immediate society said it is socially responsible to both its internal and external stakeholders.

The company stated that with this belief in mind, the brand has been extending help to several schools in Lagos, by way of donating desk top computers and printers.

The company said that it intends to make the project a national one, even as it has already commenced a radio programme named Dear Soklin.