June 11, 2009

PPA slams Yar’Adua’s govt on appointment

THE Progressive Peoples Alliance (PPA) has berated the President Umaru Yar’Adua administration on the distribution of political appointments.

The party’s Chief Publicity Secretary, Chief Ben Onyechere, in a statement yesterday said “other parts of the  country are short-changed in the sharing of political appointments.”

According to him, “the President’s behaviour smacks of intentions to deny other Nigerians what rightly belongs to them because  it is unimaginable  that the  president would deprive the South East of equity and fair play, and examples abound everywhere.

“The behaviour of this president scores Obasanjo high on distribution of political positions,” the party stated.

Continuing, PPA said “the Soludo issue is a veritable case in point, as well as the  mal-appointment of our sister Dora Akunyili in the Ministry of Information when she ought to be in the Ministry of Health.

Meanwhile the nation is turned upside down by crime unprecedented in the history of this  country resulting from the gross inefficiency of the Yar’Adua administration.”

The party said the planned dredging of the River Niger and the construction of a second Niger Bridge is a carrot and stick approach “reminiscent of the  tricks played by by past administrations on the South East and even now some of our gullible leaders are falling headlong for such gimmicks.”

Condemning the war in the creeeks, PPA said “the Niger  Delta bombardment is not amusing, as such arms  ought to have  been used to defend the Bakassi Peninsula  instead of running to The Hague for so-called justice.”