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Police Commission moves to combat ghost officers

*Audits 377,000 policemen
…says constitutional procedure will determinne Okiro’s successor

By Emmanuel Aziken

The Police Service Commission (PSC) has commenced the verification of the 377,000 policemen and women on the roll of the Nigeria Police Force towards arresting the incidence of ghost officers on the roll.

The Commission chairman, Mr. Parry Osayande, in an interview also affirmed that the choice of who succeeds Mr. Mike Okiro as Inspector General would follow strictly constitutional procedures vesting the responsibility on the President and the Police Council.

“There are times records will not aid you because they have not been updated, so we want to go physically on the ground to go and check who is there,’’ Mr. Osayande told Vanguard.

On the benefits of the exercise Mr. Osayande said: “It is going to help us to eliminate the issue of ghost workers, it will enable us know our true strength so that we can now futuristically plan our establishment which is inextricably tied to the commitments on ground.’’

Besides, he said that the verification exercise will help the authorities in planning the deployment of policemen around the country and also help the manpower development programme of the Police.

“It will help us to do manpower development, it will help us to monitor our promotional procedures, it will help us in manpower deployment. Like in a house if you don’t know the number of human beings, how do you plan for food,’’ he said.

On the strength of the Police, he said: “The strength of the force is ambulatory, as we are talking now hundreds of people are going out due to death, sickness, due to age because they are retiring and others are coming in. It may be a continuous exercise, but for this exercise I don’t think it will take more than three months.’’

On the choice of a successor to Mr. Okiro as Inspector General of the Police, he said: “The choice of a successor is clearly stated in the constitution that Mr. President shall appoint an Inspector General of Police based on the advice of the Police Council.’’

The procedure he said would be followed to the letter.


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