June 10, 2009

Panasonic enters market with environmentally friendly air conditioners

By Daniel Ailemen
From its 2009 air-conditioner line-up, Panasonic said it has introduced into the Nigerian market  an environmentally friendly air conditioner.

The new product, the company said is a range of eco-inspired air conditioners which has combined aesthetics with environmental responsibility and performance.

Mr. Bhojraj Rupani, Managing Director, Panaserv Nigeria Limited, marketer of  Panasonic  brand of products revealed that the new product has four  features with specific benefits for the users, is an improvement in the earlier  patrol sensor air-conditioner, which monitors microscopic dirt in the air.

Rupani said the sensor starts air purifying job as soon as any dirt is detected and continues the function even after the air conditioner is switched off, while adding that  this guarantees 24 hour clean air in the room or office.

He pointed out that the second of the features focuses on the highly improved e-ion action by which the e-ion inactivate more than 99 percent of airborne bacteria and make them harmless, producing a healthier environment at home or at work. Whilst  the third benefit of the air-conditioner is an advanced filtration process that brings about faster and more powerful air purification using electric charge attraction.

He added further that the new Panasonic air conditioner has a bigger e-ion filter with a wider area and a finer mesh to enable the filter to firmly capture minute micro-level particles.

Contributing, Mr. Mitsuo Omotehara, Delegation team leader  from Panasonic Corporation, Japan said the eco-ideas initiative from the company is geared towards having an environmental friendly products for the betterment of human lives and the world.
The friendliness of the product on the environment, he said, can be seen in the energy efficient consumption, bacteria elimination and safety, which he stated is produced to reduce CO2 emissions at its manufacturing site worldwide by 300, 000 tons, come the end of 2009 as well to  encourage a positive environment attitude throughout the world.

Adding,  Mr. John Woma, Managing Director, Omeba and Associates Limited, the marketing communications agency to Panasonic said the unique qualities of the product  is an improvement on the 2007 version.

He noted that the new product which has benefiting features, comes in variety of shapes, including the one in a cassette form that can be hanged on cling with a remote control.