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Ogun N50bn bond smacks of economic sabotage, says Ogunlobi

By Olasunkanmi Akoni
Chairman, Ogun East   of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Elders Council, Chief Kolapo Ogunjobi has called for serious caution from the members of the Ogun State House of Assembly on the resolution 167 in order not to put a clog in the wheel of progress in the state.

The elders described the development as beiing inimical to the economic development and prosperity of the state.
It will be recalled that the state house of assembly had recently adopted resolution 167 to put a stop to the move by the state government to access N50 billion bond from the money market

According to Ogunjobi while speaking to Vanguard in Lagos at the weekend said, “the obnoxious resolution 167 by Ogun State house of assembly, this aimless frivolity is a real source of irritation to us in the east, it nauseating. what the assembly boys had done is to attempt to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs and that is the Ogun State Government

“Because once you ruin the economy of a state then you have killed that state, the people of the state including their kith and kin, members of their family nuclear and extended who have enjoined dividends of democracy.

“I listened to the lamentation of Tunji Egbetokun, the speaker, the same day they said they cared about Ogun State N50 billion bond was a certainty, Egbetokun attempted to do a damage control which was rasther belated.
“In the last two years these mediocre PDP members established a reputation in the house for recklessness, sloppiness and inefficiency, they are dangerously disorganised and even malicious”

He cautioned that they should realised that the tenure of the house is transient, a passing phase, because very soon they will cease to be and become unimportant and there will be opportunity for genuine members.

“There is simply no sense, common or otherwise in letting the difference between the legislative arm and executive grow into this unrelenting antagonisms, after all we have to leave together in Ogun State whether we like it or not.”
He described as electrifying an address delivered by Governor Gbenga Daniel in Netherlands recently is instructive, advising that the so called “G15″ should learn from superior talents

He however noted that there is still good number of sensible, better educated and loyal members in the house that could still make all the difference.

On efforts of the elders to intervene in the rift, he said there was nothing the state party leadership has not done to pacify the disgruntled members and ameliorate their bad feelings if there were any. “We have even gone to Abuja at the national level to intervene on the need to desist but they would not bulge. Though the party is not considering any punitive measures against them right now whereas, the constituency they emerged from has the constitutional power to recall them.”

On wether the G15 were being sponsored by some faceless people, Ogunjobi retorted that it had become an open secrete that the dubbed G15 members of the house were being sponsored by some “devilish elements” even withing the party, “we know them but it is unethical to mention names in a situation like this because what we are looking for is amicable settlement of differences and not antagonising one another. Therefore, caution must be exercised to keep the cool.

He continued: “Though it is normal for house of assembly to pass resolutions, it is not the kind of things you do in the media and paid for an advertorial saying that you want to stop your governor from taking a bond even which other state governors have done including the Federal Government, there is this law passed during the tenure of former Governor Olabisi Onabanjo in 1980 which gives the state the freedom to go to money market and borrow, that law still subsists and they are aware of it. So all the governor needed to do is to inform them which he (Daniel) did three months ago, only for them (G15) to turn around because of the influence by their sponsors to put a clog in the wheel of progress in the state.”

Also commenting on the claim by Alhaji Sule Onabiyi in a recent advertorial, declaring himself as the chairman of the PDP Elders Council, the chieftain described it as a fallacy.
While saying hat Onabiyi is well respected in Ogun politics, Ogunjobi cautioned that he would be living in fool’s paradise if he continue to parade himself as chairman of PDP Elders Council.
“He is aware that the central body called Ogun State Elders Council which I was a member was dissolved over a year ago and what we have in its place is elders council ogun west, chaired by Senator Ayodeji Otegbola, east of which I am the chairman and Ogun central which Hon Bode Mustahpha is the chairman, therefore we no longer have chairman of Elders Council Ogun State. We only have three chairmen.


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