June 22, 2009

NOI Polls to unmask Niger Delta

The NOI Polls, in association with the Gallup Polls USA, will, this Friday, unveil its annual national survey entitled: “The 2009 Niger Delta Survey; Unmasking A Lingering Crisis.”

Speaking at a press conference in Lagos yesterday, Chief Executive Officer, NOI Polls, Mr. Ndubisi Anyanwu, said his firm aims to support the establishment of a democratic culture and contribute to effective policy formulation and implementation in Nigeria, “by providing a platform for communicating the views and opinions of social and economic groups that are ordinarily excluded from public debates.”

Anyanwu noted that “the objective of the Niger Delta Survey is to serve as one of NOI Polls strategic products designed to stimulate public debate among Nigerians, while strengthening the dialogue between public sector officials, private corporations, and individual stakeholders in the oil and gas sector.

It is a landmark survey that covers social, economic, political, ecological, and security issues in the region. It aims to address the information gap on the Niger Delta by providing robust statistical data on the views and opinions of the region’s inhabitants with respect to the pressing issues that affect their daily lives.

Such a comprehensive pan-regional survey is the first of its kind in Nigeria, and NOI Polls will be conducting a survey of the Niger Delta every year.

“The pioneer Niger Delta Survey provides information on several critical areas, including the economy and society, political administration, corporate interests and oil-producing communities in the region, violence and security, and environmental pollution.

It is comprised of four sections, namely: Government and the Niger Delta Crisis; Oil Companies and Local Communities; Security, Violence and Protests; and Jobs and the Environment.”

The NOI/Gallup Polls research will be officially presented at a one-day seminar on the Niger Delta Survey, this Friday at the Rock View Hotel in Abuja, to select stakeholders from government.