June 16, 2009

Nigeria urges political solution to meltdown

By Funmi Komolafe in Geneva
GENEVA—Minister of Labour and Productivity, Prince Adetokunbo  Kayode, has called on the international community to find  a political solution  to the current global economic problems.

Kayode,who spoke at a meeting of Ministers of Labour of the  Non-Aligned Movement  in Geneva,  Switzerland, said,
“We have to  note that the factors  and circumstances leading to the current global economic  problems, like  HIV/AIDS will soon end up being an African or the Third World crisis.”

Emphasing that these  African and Third World countries  are principally   members of the International Labour Organisation, he said, Nigeria supports, “ILO to use the  Global  Jobs Pact to help alleviate the socio- economic  impact of this. crisis.”

However, he said this could only be an interim measure.
The minister said, “We urge  you  to know that in the long run, we must all find a political solution to the  crisis, which may be likened to either  neo-colonialism or neo-imperialism,”

The minister said, Nigeria was in full support of “the working methods of the committee on  the application of standards and the extention of the commitee  on the freedom of association.”

Kayode added,“If the principles captured in this declaration is adopted and mainstreamed  into the committee on the application of standards it will no doubt  ensure our belief and commitment to the principles of ILO and the Non-Aligned Movement.”

He said “ we  ( Nigeria) are in  support of the delcaration of need to enhance the  memebership of the committeee to include the interests of  Africans and other emerging societies .  We must  emphasize that the economic challenges facing these countries  as well as throus and pangs of poverty are part of the challenges  of compliance  with the resolution of the ILO as well as the Decent Work Agenda”.

The minister congratulated  ILO on its 90th anniversary  which he noted, “ also marks the 50th anniversary of ILO in Nigeria. While we celebrate your excellency on this occasion, we believe the occasion itself provides  us with an opportunity to think and reflect.”

Meanwhile, vice-president, Goodluck  Jonathan will participate in a  vice-presidential panel discussion on “ managing the national jobs agenda in times of crisis”.

Other speakers include, the vice presidents of South Africa and  Mr.  Kgalema Motlanthe, and  Mr.  Stephen Kalonzo  Musyoka of Kenya. Vice-president, Goodluck Jonathan is due to return home later in the evening.