June 15, 2009

NFF mourns shot Bayelsa United captain

The Nigeria Football   Federation expressed shock on Monday at learning that Bayelsa United FC captain, Abiel Tabor, had been shot dead by armed robbers.

Abiel Tabor was the man who received the Premier League trophy after the Bayelsa State won its first –ever domestic title on Sunday following a battling 2-2 draw with Warri Wolves at Oleh Township Stadium, whilst contenders Heartland FC lost 0-1 to Tornadoes in Minna.

Sani Lulu

Sani Lulu

Bayelsa United officials said the whole team had moved down to Oghara to celebrate the triumph and express appreciation to the people of the town they adopted as home ground, only for Tabor to insist he would return to Warri to be with his family.

He was however ambushed by armed robbers and shot dead as he made his way to Warri.
NFF President Sani Lulu Abdullahi and General Secretary Bolaji Ojo-Oba were speechless when news of the tragedy was broken to them in the office.

“This is a huge shock. This was the same boy who received the trophy that his team won for the first time. How cruel can fate be! We are still making enquiries, and really, we somehow hope that this information is not true”, said Sani Lulu Abdullahi.