June 15, 2009

N-Delta crisis: Groups seek divine intervention

The Lagos State chapter of  the Yar’Adua/Goodluck National Support Organisation as well as a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) of Nigerians based abroad, led by Dr. Mike Uyi, at the weekend at different fora, prayed for God’s guidance in resolving the protracted crisis in the creeks of Niger-Delta and the affairs of the leadership in the nation at large.

The Yar’Adua/Jonathan group, led by its Coordinator, Mrs. Agnes Shobajo, said divine intercession had become necessary in view of the challenges currently facing the presidency, particularly President Umaru Yar’Adua, and his vice, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, in tackling Niger Delta crisis and others.

The prayer session, which was led by both Muslim and Christian clerics, lasted for over an hour.

In a another development, President General of the NGO, Uyi, at a press conference in Lagos, urged Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Chief Maurice Iwu, not to resign until all those that held vibrant political posts in the country that have committed one offence or the other before and after him or have failed in the disposition of their duty, were prosecuted accordingly.

Uyi said: “Iwu should not go until the society knows their right, until all the necessary mishap in the country is corrected”.

“The problems are, and reside with Nigerian politicians, who seek to manipulate any political process, initiative and development to their own myopic advantages, to the detriment of the common good”, He said.

Uyi stated that if Iwu is harassed and harangued daily that he should resign from office based on his conduct of the 2007 general elections, what happens to the beneficiaries of the election.

“If Iwu must resigned from office, then the governors, senators, members of the house of representatives, the commissioners of police and the others, should also take the popular route of resigning from the offices they occupy “ He said.

Uyi said “until the Inspector General of police is removed from office because of the death of students in campuses, minister for housing and urban development is removed from office based on bad roads that have led to loss of lives and property in the country, and others that hold political post in the country resigned because of their gross misconduct then Iwu should resign.”

Uyi also said that May 29 that was accepted by the federal government as the authentic date for democracy day in the country does not represent the views of the 140 million Nigerians.

“There should not be any controversy on June 12, it is on June 12 we stand and we commend the Lagos state government for accepting the task of remembering the date as a democracy day” he said

The president general of the organization said that the NGO intend to carry out a peaceful protest to notify those at the helms of affairs in the country that Nigerians in Diaspora are not happy with the way things are run in the country.

“On the 18th of this month, we intend to stage a peaceful protest that will draw attention globally, yo the impending crisis that politicians are about to unleash in the country through their continued misrule and non development policies that have left a lot of Nigerian poorer than they were before the advent of democracy” he said.