June 10, 2009

Lagos State appoints Fidelity Bank branches as E-Service points

The Lagos State Govern ment has announced the designation of all branches of Fidelity Bank in the state as E-Service Points (ESP).  By this appointment, all payments to the Lagos State Government can be made through Fidelity Bank Plc.  Also, all information and documentation about payments to Lagos State, including the electronic tax clearance certificate forms, self assessment forms etc., can be obtained through Fidelity Bank outlets.

This designation of Fidelity Bank’s branches is a further validation of the bank’s outstanding profile in transaction banking.  Fidelity Bank is a partner to various agencies of the Federal Government of Nigeria like Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), the Board of Customs and Excise for the collection of customs duties, amongst others.

The bank also works with various state governments in the country and has assisted such states to establish robust platforms for revenue collection, management and remittance, thereby supporting them in their efforts for internally generated revenue.

According to a letter to Fidelity Bank, signed by the State Director of Treasury, on behalf of the Accountant General, by the appointment, receipts for payments made to Lagos State can also be obtained from Fidelity Bank branches.

Speaking on the appointment, Mr. Tobi Lawal, General Manager, Lagos Public Sector in Fidelity Bank, said the bank has put structures in place to justify the confidence placed in the bank by the state government. Continuing, he said, ‘seeing the focus and vision of the Lagos State Governor, all well-meaning citizens and residents in the state are duty-bound to do all that they can to encourage and support him to succeed in his efforts to transform Lagos’.

Lagos State is leading other states of the federation in internally generated revenues (IGR), with a target of N216billion this year (or N18billion monthly).  The E-service has assured more efficiency and transparency in revenue collection, remittance and management.