June 22, 2009

Lagos airport gets Africa’s first multimedia digital mega screen

A novel advertising medium  has debuted at the Muritala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos.
Christened the Multimedia Digital Mega Screen, the new advertising platform is the latest initiative of Promoworld Nigeria Limited, the company which specializes in creating and deploying custom and purpose — built advertising for airports in Nigeria.

The multimedia digital mega screen is a visual device which forecloses the need for sound. The impact of this visual-only medium of communication is so strong that it removes any need for audio/voice which may well constitute a distraction in an airport environment in which passengers are on the look out for information on aircraft destinations, arrivals and departures which are typically rendered in voice.

The device stands apart from the traditional melee and cacophony of the airport atmosphere by being quiet yet captivating, unintrusive but compelling.

In typical ICT fashion, the device is structured in local area network (LAN) fashion, being made up of hard wares and soft wares.

It is a combination of computers, lines and screens which operate in unison to deliver motion pictures in quick progression which tell exciting stories about a brand or service.

There is a control centre which acts as the heart or engine room of the device.The screens which act as monitors are deployed in strategic locations within and around the airport, usually in places where there are large passenger/customer clusters such as departure and arrival halls. From the control centre, advertising and or other communication is transmitted seamlessly and on line real time to the screens/monitors. The same information is then viewed at same time in different parts of the one airport with no intervening time lag.

According to Ayo Adefemi, MD/CEO of Promoworld Nigeria Limited,“the device progresses the evolution of advertising away from the old static platforms by creating a more dynamic medium.

The large format digital display software on which the multimedia digital mega screen runs is so flexible it has inbuilt capacity to troubleshoot.

It can also provide entertainment and transmit news from local and foreign media sources, as well as airport/airline information desks.

This is done through scrolling.  It can serve as a medium for imputing excitement into the airport ambience when customers/passengers feel boredom while waiting to board or after disembarking from the aircraft”

“The amazing qualities/attributes of the device are the reasons it was already in use in some leading international airports such as London’s Heathrow, Amsterdam’s Schipol and so on,” Adefemi stated.