June 19, 2009

Jos: Ajibola worries over Hausa/Fulani’s refusal to testify

By Taye Obateru

Jos — The Judicial Commission of Inquiry into the last November 28 civil unrest in the Plateau State is worried by the refusal of the Hausa/Fulani community to make representation to the commission despite various appeals.

Chairman of the commission, Chief Bola Ajibola, said while briefing journalists yesterday that their appearance would have helped to clarify issues considering the myriad of allegations against them by many of those who have testified before it.

He said the commission decided to extend the period for the submission of memoranda to give everyone opportunity to state his or her side but regretted that the Hausa/Fulani community had not budged.

He restated his earlier position that there was no alternative to peace, stressing the need for people to learn to live together without crisis for progress.

Ajibola said about 100 people had been invited to appear before the commission to state their side based on the memoranda received and encouraged all to seize the opportunity being provided before it winds up sitting by August.

He said the commission would consider the issue of compensation to victims of the crisis, adding that it had already visited some of the affected areas for assessment.

The commission chairman urged journalists to be responsible in their reportage of issues for peace and stability in the country.