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Eagles: Akwuegbu wants Taribo in, Lawal warns on Kenya

By Onochie Anibeze
Former Super Eagles’   Ben Akwuegbu arrived Nigeria in good time to watch Super Eagles against Tunisia on Saturday and called after the match to say the following:


“Getting a draw against Tunisia, the team leading the group, was good but our team still need to do a lot of work to make their play complete.” He explained:

“Our defence was good but we couldn’t put it together in the midfield and attack. Although they could have played conservatively to avoid losing the ball and conceding a goal, the attack could be better than it was. But, honestly, getting a draw was good and they should be commended for that. Not everybody would agree with the way they played. On personal grounds, one can say they were not exactly what I expected. But as far as the qualifiers are concerned, they went there and did the job expected from them. If they lost, that would have been the end of the World Cup for us.

I think that we should commend them. The totality of their game is expected to improve with time. I think that they closed up the game in order not to concede a goal. I didn’t like their game until I looked closely to find out what they were trying to do. However, I think that Eagles will do better if some people like Mikel could be more offensive even if they are fielded to play deep.

Akwuegba played in the attack for Nigeria. He said further:
“I wish Eagles well but I’m really surprised that Taribo West is not being used by the federation. They need him for the World Cup and for other roles. Taribo was a leader when we were playing. He led in the game, he led in prayers and in organisation. He will be very useful to the football federation in many ways.

There are many teams that he can fit into. It mustn’t be coaching job. I’m happy that they are using Garba Lawal who was another hardworking player and diligent. Taribo is back to the country and should be offered a role to play in one of our national teams.

He knows the game but the important point is that he is a leader, a disciplined one who also believes in the supremacy of God. I’m surprised that they formed a Presidential Task Force and did not include him. That’s one great omission. The NFF can correct that mistake by involving him. I know what he can do.”

On his part, Garba Lawal commended the team for getting a draw but warned that “as far as I’m concerned the big match is the one in Kenya. That’s where I have fears.”Why does Lawal think that the big assignment is the away match to Kenya? Watch out on our pages.


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